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  1. If it goes on a gun right now it is expensive...ammo, barrels, holsters...you name it
  2. I apologize I have been away from SDC for a while. There are a few options on the masterkey addition depending on the shotgun and AR platform you are adding it to. I have mine mounted to the carbine version of the AR so I just used a special braketing system my gunsmith (that I trust with my life) ordered for me and helped me mount. Its basiclly useless since it makes the gun pretty uncomfortably heavy, but I guess it is still cool to mount and take out to friends houses for oooo's and ahhhhh's...I thought it might be handy for when I was hog hunting if they got a little too close for comfort.
  3. Nothing surprises me anymore with our pathetic excuse for legislators. Until they are all cleaned out by independent thinkers who aren't in the pockets of special interest groups or shadow corporations nothing will change.
  4. I agree that Jesus walked with some "undesirables" however those that walked with him had asked for forgivness and changed their ways. Remaining friends with some S.O.B. that drinks his paycheck away and beats his wife or kids to death is just as bad as being that guy.
  5. What kind of coach he IS...I remember in high school listening to that man coach. He has forgotten more about football than I will ever learn. My brother plays for him now and that was one of the first things I told him before he started playing for him, I don't care what he calls you, screams, etc. LISTEN to what the man tells you, he knows what he is talking about. I always have to chuckle at some of the things fans say in the stands that don't know any better. I don't know the current coach Dfield has at the moment, but I have to give the edge to the coach with the most ever wins amongst
  6. :notworthy: :happy65: I have no use for someone who beats a woman... :banghead:
  7. Harleton is young, very young...if you have been to both games so far you wouldn't have even recognized the team last week from the team the week before against Bowie...They will continue to get better by leaps and bounds mostly because of their coaching, but also because many guys who haven't played the last two years are getting more and more experience on the field.
  8. Never shot one personally, but Ruger makes a fine firearm...They get a bad rap because they are on the bottom side of the price scale usually so people (idiots) assume they are cheap...untrue. I own a Ruger 10/22 and I wouldn't own any other brand of rifle in that caliber.
  9. After I saw the expendables I wanted to go restore a old 50's model pickup and drive around with a 1911 shoooting bad guys...yea :notworthy:
  10. And I would agree with you completly, on a side note we can have a beer anytime JT :highfive:
  11. Oh I know, I have a friend who does the same and gets a check from the electric company (very nice) however. My friend lives on a hill above the tree lines and has good winds on the hill he lives on. I myself am putting solar panels on the house I am building but regretably have pine trees on all sides of me that prevent good winds...I am not against trying anything JT, I think hydrogen power is the way to go because it is the most plentiful resource on the planet, clean burning, and efficient as you can get, but you and I both know it will never happen.
  12. Come on JT....you do know that more oil leaks out in an hour in the pacific NATURALLY than the entire oil spill in the gulf. Not to mention most of the oil they are finding now is not actually coming from the rig that exploded a few months ago, it is in fact leaking from either another oil well somewhere else, or naturally occuring as it has been for thousands of years before man even began to drill. Like global warming offshore drilling is just another liberal argument that is moot. The ocean naturally cleaned well over 75% of this oil spill itself, and will continue to do so. Your better
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