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  1. This game will tell if Redwater is the real deal.
  2. I can see your point. Maybe I am being a little overly sensitive ( some of the kids on the "team" reads these comments too. )You call it speculation, i call it a lie. Tomato/tomoto..your post was full of class and I can respect that . Good points.
  3. Very disciplined...was so impressed with how they warmed up and got off the line at the point of contact. Good luck the rest of the way!!!
  4. Never called it a sin...I just posted something positive about my kid. We teach " Honor God" in everything we do. AND to me its no better way than to keep chugging along after a beating like that. I also have to explain to my kids why " old dudes" relive their old glory on football forums trying to be commentators and bash people.
  5. And you obviously don't believe in God or you would understand the post. BRO, go troll somebody else
  6. A high took the loss and I said before it was a young team . This forum really kills me how they talk so bad about kids . At the end of the day I teach my boy win or lose ...its all about honoring God!! # FACTS
  7. Dude that was sarcasm u guys kill me ...#weirdos
  8. They need a running clock in Texas ...smh
  9. I thought they would be more competitive too. They had that look when they found out Coach Norton wasn't gone be here. Wouldn't have mattered anyway .
  10. 3 Sophomores on the line, they'll get better as the season goes. They are way overmatched . If Paris ever get the chemistry down on those passes , they'll be hard to stop this year. Really good team
  11. Could be a lot worse...Paris dropping wide open balls.....sorta glad we're not playing Texas High now ...not looking good
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