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  1. Tigers look good , but Lapses in secondary could hurt you against really good teams like Marshall and Pine Tree.
  2. JUST REWINDED YOUBTUBE ..LOOKS LIKE #3 FOR LONGVIEW WAS BLOCKED IN BACK ..HE TURNS AND PUSHES #33 FOR THIGH..then starts throwing punches...benches clear..players all fighting
  3. #14 with a great catch from the backup qb for the TD
  4. Watching on you tube...was absolutely NOT A catch in bounds for a td lmao
  5. Have you all not seen Tiger Field since the new turf....the concessions and massive screen is off the charts....Not to mention how close you are to the field ..no track....i do hate the concrete stands
  6. Arkansas High will prob win ..Defense is stout...Texas High having a hard time clicking on offense ...played two awesomely good teams..but i see a lot of concern on defense regardless....cant cover...basic tackling not there...T high may jell later on in the year..but right now A high is better..even without Hall...Collier can run the ball too
  7. This was realy bad ....Either Longview is that damn good or Texas High is gonna be really bad...i saw nothing competitive from the Tigers. Probably me much of the same next week.
  8. Wow!!! IMPRESSIVe win...i gotta come watch this team play...PG the real deal!!
  9. Good game Mavs...defense really stood up!..wishing yall good luck the rest of the way. We still have a long ways to go.Tigers had plenty of chances to win this game.Marshall was better tonight!
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