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  1. Congrats to Nick Miller at A town.......former Runnin' Rabb now the head track coach.....and congrats Ronnie Melton.....former asst. track coach in A town now at Crockett! Way to represent!
  2. Very very proud of Wood and these UG girls!!!!
  3. Five starters out v Mt E and seven turnovers. A very young team and the injury bug has hit hard.
  4. Graduation of the majority of a team that went three rounds last year. A lot of underclassman playing.......
  5. Have seen and played them both. Both are quality teams.....Harleton has good pitching.....but the above statement is not even close to being realistic.
  6. Harleton is a solid group.....competitive pitching, good sticks all the way through the line-up and well coached. They make the play they are supposed to make and don't beat themselves. Kind of remind me of the way they play football......hard nosed and blue collar. Don't know anything about West Sabine.....other than that anybody left at this point in the playoffs will be quality.
  7. Game 3 at Centenary 2pm Saturday.
  8. Prayers sent......my son met this young man at the JB b-ball tourney and thought very highly of him.....very sad for all involved. Prayers sent.... Slayer
  9. DC.....and a good one. Quality coach and person.
  10. I think Simms-Bowie has two wins.....Detroit and Como. Hawkins?
  11. District is pretty evenly matched.....anybody can win or lose on any given Friday night......even Bowie who has struggled early played Maud tough and seems to be getting better. Should be a fun district to watch....
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