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  1. I'm just guessing, but: Center had the ball, lost it. The opponent scored. Then Center had the ball, the pass was intercepted, the opponent scored. Then Center had the ball and by the grace of God they actually went 3 and out without losing it, but the opponent returned the 10 yard punt 15 yards to the house. Final score: A whole lotta to nuthin'. :) ?
  2. No offense taken! I am just impressed myself with this bow. I bought it because of it's low price tag because It is my first and I knew I may not like it once I tried it and was expecting a generic bow and was suprised by what I got in a good way. I really don't see any need to upgrade from this yet.
  3. Well the first offensive drive for Carthage was 3 plays for 90 yards and a touchdown, one of those plays being and incomplete pass, the other 2 runs. It was never a game. I left at halftime. Carthage won't go far this year though the way they are playing. Penalties left and right and quarterback throws to covered guys a lot when he has other recievers wide open for would-be touchdowns. Plus he sails the ball a lot, which if he hasn't figured out how to fix that by now, I doubt he will.
  4. Carthage 42 Jacksonville 13 4:21 left in ballgame
  5. Okay, I chunked the hand strap and haven't had a problem with the string burn lately. It's just getting the proper steps down in my mind and memorizing until it becomes habit and I don't have to think about it. Much in the same way as when I first started driving an 18-wheeler and had to think about each shift I made while changing gears. Now I don't even have to think about it. I can be thinking about something totally different because it is committed to memory. As far as the stabilizer bar, if that is all it does is stop the vibration of the bow after the shot then I don't need it. I thought it might have something to do with shot accuracy. But it has absolutely no vibration and is very quiet when fired. My Uncle was suprised that it made very little noise when shooting it. I just can't believe how accurate the sighting is on it. And this is a Diamond Kronik by Bowtech, which I read on the internet was a cheapened down 'generic' version bowtech made. I feel certain that if I have a doe or buck in my sights or hog for that matter that I won't have any problem with placement of the shot. Both my uncle and the guy at bass pro taught me not to put the death grip on the bow so I am loosening up and relaxing and only holding it steady with the front 2 fingers. Sound good ? Thanks again!
  6. Thanks a lot for the Advice guys. I finally got a day off today and was able to get it all done today. I got 12 arrows (Carbon, Beman 400's ICS Hunter) and I got 3 broadheads, Tight Point Shuttle T-Lock 100 grain. I first went by recommendation to Wulf Outdoor Sports in Center, Tx, but the guy said it would be a "few days" before he could get to setting it up for me and I wanted to shoot it today, so I called Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City and they said they could get to it today and for free since I bought it from their website. So by recommendation I had the Whisker Biscuit installed and I guess he kept the old one. But the guy was great and fast. I even got to go into their plexiglass archery room and practice right there and he sighted it in for me! I also got field points, a cobra mamba r-1 swing away easy adjust release, $35 hard case for my bow and arrows, a square target block, and had to pay $316 for all of this! But I am set and got the opportunity to practice there and when I got home, then took it out to a friend's house who has been a bow hunter for many years also because I noticed I was still shooting about 4 inches down and to the right from center consistently so he fixed that for me and then adjusted the 2nd and 3rd range peeps (I guess the green is 20 yards, the yellow 30 yards and the red 40 yards)?? All and all it has turned out to be well worth everything I have paid thus far for it and the only problem I am having is evident on my left arm with a huge red and blue whelp. I hit it 3 times at Bass Pro Shop, and twice since. But I'm just hard headed, I'll learn to move that arm out better! The only other question I have right now is do I need a stabilizer bar on the front and if so then why? It did not come with one and the only place I see that I can place one is where the rope/leather band is screwed into for the wrist strap for the grip of the bow. ??
  7. around 1 minute left before halftime, Nacogdoches has the ball. Remember they are running behind because of the 30 minute delay because of lighting issues.
  8. Nacogdoches 7 Carthage 3 6:16 2nd quarter
  9. I think I already am. I've a lot of Indian blood in me, so I think it will come natural. I don't even have an arrow yet, but just can't wait to shoot it!
  10. I don't know why you would even take a poll where only East Texas is voting on whether Green Bay will beat Dallas or vice versa. Most everyone on this site are Dallas fans. Do you think you will ever get a majority voting for the other team? Of course we think Dallas will when. But the odds aren't really that great that they will. For Starters, they have NEVER won on Lambeau Field. #2 - They are coming off a short week in which they went all out against a powerful team on Monday night and will probably not firing on all cylinders with a big hangover. But I still take the boys because I bleed TRUE BLUE Dallas 42 Green Bay 23
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