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  1. What's with Mims dropping? Nevermind, Jets got him.
  2. Always wondered why schools like SMU and NT didn't have baseball. DFW is a hot bed for baseball talent.
  3. LHP Brocke Burke will have surgery on his shoulder and miss the year. Hearn, Allard, Palumbo, and Jurado can all fill in if needed. Finally have a little rotation depth.
  4. The players love Coleman and he learned under Snyder. He's a good teacher and will be a solid recruiter. Valai used to be a trainer in Texas and is from the Metroplex. From what I read he relates to the kids well. Kind of like Carrington, but he is a coach.
  5. Guzman is at least good defensively. He has shown promise at times, now if he could just put it all together.
  6. OF Marcel Ozuna narrowed down his final list to the Rangers and Cardinals.
  7. Looks like Epps will get a look at TE in the spring. He played WR this year, could be the Blake Jarwin type guy that Yurrich had when he was at Okie St. He doesn't have a ton of speed, but with his size he would be a great mismatch.
  8. But he is a pretty good RH bat, which the Rangers lack.
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