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  1. I think the transfer portal could accelerate things up front. But other than Robinson, they don't really have a threat on offense like he did at Bama.
  2. Until the OL gets dominant, Texas won't see any real improvement. Also they desperately need someone to get after the QB.
  3. Need a lot of OL help through development, transfer portal, and recruiting.
  4. Pretty solid, still need a solid #4 for weekday games. Also Texas picked up Kansas' 3B from this past season via the transfer portal.
  5. I am one of the odd balls that loves college baseball. I prefer all college sports to pro sports, but now that may change with all the NIL stuff. Honestly I like watching golf more than anything since they're actually paid based on how they perform that week. But like everything it is all opinion based and I don't care what others think.
  6. Actually I was hoping for an all out brawl and a double forfeit in that game.
  7. Yes, but both have to win 2 in a row the next 2 days. Vandy has NC ST and Texas has Miss St.
  8. Kind of want the Rangers to draft Leiter, but will probably be disappointed.
  9. Swing at the one at or above your hands, but let the one at the knees go by? Terrible approach
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