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  1. Per IT and other sites the offer is 5 years for 60 million for Urban
  2. Rush defense, 5 sacks, 4 turnovers are good for Texas on the defensive side. DBs need to learn to look back for the ball to avoid PIs and actually make plays on the ball. OL is badly holding the O back. Wiley needs to play way more over Brewer. Also Sam doesn't have a go to guy like in years past with LJH, Johnson, and Duvernay and I think it hurts him. In years past he would look for those guys, but this year he doesn't have a go to guy.
  3. I'm torn, I want Texas to win, but I want most of it not all of this coaching staff gone.
  4. Got to love the 8 game losing streak after getting back to .500.
  5. At .500 a third of the way through the season.
  6. Gallo is streaky, so he'll go through some droughts.
  7. At this rate Lynn should fetch some decent prospects.
  8. Willie must still be hesitant due to the fractured jaw in spring training. He was crushing the ball last year.
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