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  1. Now I remember why I walked away from this board.
  2. Great get. This is kid is under the radar. Watched the 2017 class AAAA championship and he performed really well as a soph.
  3. I hear Stone has a helicopter dad that can be a pain.
  4. As a Texas fan there is a lot to be excited about while at the same time most Texas fans have learned to temper their enthusiasm. Does this smell like the Tessatore "they're back moment"? No. Texas went on to having a losing season that year because of a defense that got their coordinator demoted. That won't happen this season.
  5. Indeed he did. It was a current declaration at the time. Not several decades later.
  6. You must be fairly young. I remember the 69, 70 and 05 NC. I always factor those in because it's relevant to my lifespan.
  7. Just make sure you apply the same standard if Fisher leads y'all to several 10 win seasons without a conference championship. That's all I'm saying.
  8. It seems to me by your standard there are only handful of first tier programs if that. Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio St.
  9. You're setting the bar awfully high for A&M to climb above second tier status, if you want to compare apples to apples.
  10. You would think if this was true, Trump would be busy trying to confiscate every private weapon. Yet it's the left that flies that standard. And it's not only the Constitution or the courts that keep someone from becoming a tyrant, it's armed private citizens. You seem to do a lot of name calling. I always heard that's the product of weak mind. P.S. Spelling and punctuation are your friends. Dictarots? Are those aggressive, oppressive, self serving divination cards?
  11. Let's everybody wait until all the facts come out. There is too much false flag BS going on these days. It's one of antifa's favorite tools.
  12. What was the point of commissioning the Steele dossier by the Clinton campaign? Why was the dossier deliberately leaked? Why did the FBI use a suspected false document to obtain FISA warrants?
  13. The hypocrisy of the left has no limit. Clinton gets his knob polished, by an intern/page that felt she had to, in the Oval Office and that's okay? That set the bar, yet Trump has a tryst with a porn star, tries to hide it and it's heinous?
  14. I hope this motivates Sam even more. It has to sting, at least a little bit, when a hall of fame QB disses you. And shame on Terry Bradshaw for saying what he did.
  15. The Big East doesn't have any Div 1 (or whatever you call it) football affiliations. Is UConn going to downgrade their football program?
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