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  1. I am not convinced HS is better competition than Chisum, Chisum backs were dang good and they executed the buck better than anyone we have played using it since 2015, HS is good at it but not that good, will we stop it every time? no, can their back take it to the house like 44 from Chisum, I don't think so, but we will see.
  2. Mineola is pretty good, triple threat offensively, decent defense, they could get hot and play awhile....
  3. QB is soph, I will tell you if ya'll stay healthy yall have a shot at winning it all, I have seen games from several in D1 and ya'll are by far the best team I have seen so far, so many weapons plus screen packages are best I have seen in a long while.
  4. depends on what the deal was, number of players, direct contact etc...... I havent heard why they called the game was it Troup or the other team?
  5. We have played the last 3 weeks..... and Raiders by a bunch
  6. I think I read the minutes right, if Gladewater wins they are 1st and Sabine is 2nd, and WR is in. By virtue of having head to head wins over both Minny and Winny, depending on if Minny wins, WR is 4th and minny is 3rd because of 1 more win, if Winny wins WR is 3rd because of head to head wins over the other 2 even though they all have 3-3 records. District 7 is wild, Atlanta cud be in or out depending on Friday night, Hooks or Jefferson inside track for 1st. I think this is close on district 7.
  7. Uh.... there was a definite DC, but Frazier was as really the OC, Both Nick and Lee were given coordinator titles passing and OC. Nick and JJ were the candidates from inside, nobody went around anybody. 2 good choices, JJ (DC) and Nick with Nick having been here 8 years getting the nod.
  8. Nope.... Tatum beats Gladewater, we play Mt vernon
  9. Needed hipwaders for game.....lol mudders we aint... see how it goes in 2nd half
  10. Need hipwaders on this post.... anybody hear how the 7th grade did?
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