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  1. Mine is Tyler Lee's first state championship in the schools history! And also just that entire season and my senior year!
  2. It can be whatever! A play, game, touchdown, season, team.....lets hear it!
  3. the best is by far verizon. i never lose service in tyler, and there is no roam in the US so thats also good.
  4. Dark, only you would post something like that you sick man!!
  5. Lets see how high we can get!
  6. Haha I was just kidding! Im 18
  7. where do i find my ethernet Address for my computer??
  8. Sorry im not 11, but some people do act like they're 11 on here!! I'm really 18
  9. Hmm ok traffic is soo bad bc of the construction, and have you ever been to ALL of the golf courses in Tyler?? Doubtful, there are so many! And people, ehh theyre are good and bad in both cities, you just have to know the right people so to speak!
  10. well i tried and it doesnt seem to work so oh well, thanks anyways!
  11. hey texas, how do you get a picture there like you have? ive been trying but cant figure it out?
  12. yeah, there is no doubt about that she is hott!! Hey texas, can you get me her number so i can give her a call later?:D
  13. So im confused, which one of the pictures is you? The girl or guy.....or maybe both!
  14. RIIIIIGHT!!!! Also the best is old people, they think you are so nice when you talk to them, i love it!
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