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  1. It's those damn yellow pills brah. Was busy all day. Dang gal didnt show. Got any Bengay?
  2. Well hell. Just saw this morning. Abron, Abrams, honest Abe. Who gives a . No loyalty. But Money speaks I guess. Hope yallfind a good one NB.
  3. Saw on Facebook. After being announced Coach of the year by Dave Campbell. Coach Abrams leaving the Bulls and going to Mexia.
  4. Congrats on #7 Bulldogs. Serrate is a genius. Wow, 7 in just 12 years. Awsome..
  5. Enough.... Texarana is in Northeast Tx. Is that not part of East Tx? Damn it children. Let it go.. Congrats to Gunter. Very disciplined in their positions. Hard to block out. Hold your heads up Bulls. Did East tx proud. Great season.
  6. Not anymore, last time I went a few years ago, they scaned your ticket in and out.
  7. So sad... many prayers for the family and school.
  8. Picking my northern cousins in another nail biter. Gunter is very disciplined on defense. They dont make mistakes. They play and stay in their positions well. Hard to block out. It will be one of those 3 yrds per carry nights. Going on 4th downs again. Pewitts defense on the other hand have held great offenses in check in the playoffs. 26 - 21 Bulls. I want to sit by NB. gonna be fun...
  9. My old eyes say no. Not a TD from that angle. I even have my quadfocals on.
  10. No. A passed ball went through a Daingerfield defenders hands into the Carthage receivers hands for a walk in TD. The other 2 points came on a snap over the punters head for a safety. Against Kilgore.
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