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  1. Congrats to Nac and best of luck in the playoffs!
  2. Well I mean Darren Sproles was only 5'6 so you'd be perfect as a slot receiver! Plus we could utilize your other skills every time one of us goes down with an injury which will probably be more often than not
  3. You know @Mavchamp, on Thanksgiving Day in 1907, Marshall High School played a game against a group of guys from Uptown (wherever that was in Marshall) known as the Marshall Townies and charged 25 cent admission. If @MavGrad99 is down, I'm good with playing an exhibition if you are.. The Townies did win that day 19-4
  4. If there wasn't an article, I would have never believed a score like that myself. Marshall passed 5-15 for 80 yards. According to the article, the game was called due to darkness before the 4th quarter so the score could have been much worse. The game write up is on page 2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pi1dghppdgg2ygs/AADaPl_Dcn5HJVskvwZGpjyZa/1926?dl=0&preview=1926-10-30.pdf&subfolder_nav_tracking=1
  5. Yeah I just saw that...That doesn't look fun for Nac. If my math is correct, the closest projected district opponent is a 96 mile drive?
  6. I know there are quite a few of them. Districts 12-15 in 6A division 1 are all 9 team districts.District 28 6A D1 is actually a 10 team district full of teams in San Antonio District 3 5A D1 is a 9 team as is district 13 5A D1 which is also full of teams in San Antonio. 16 5A D1 is a 10 team district in the Brownsville area Without writing a book, there are many more 9 team districts out there. Seems to be much more common now than say 20 years ago where a towns like Frisco weren't building 10 high schools (with 2 new additional high schools in the works)
  7. Katy Pat beat Huntsville 25-14 which leaves Pat with just 1 district loss (their only total loss) so far which was to A&M Cons. They have still yet to face Lamar Consolidated which will be their last game. At this point, Huntsville could very easily stay at 3rd. Haven't done the scenarios to see if 4th is a possibility as Rudder would have to pull of an upset over A&M this week and also beat Huntsville in the last week.
  8. You're right, we had 3 very fortunate plays for touchdowns. Also the long pass that set up our 1st touchdown was a right place at the right time catch off a tip drill. Lee's defense I thought played very well. It seemed like they were in our backfield as soon as the ball was snapped disrupting almost every play. Good luck to Lee as well from here on out!
  9. If the Mavericks play like they did last night, I'll take the Mavs by (-47). In all seriousness, I just hope the Mavs can correct their turnovers and keep the mistakes down to make it competitive but I have a feeling this one is going to get out of hand early. Any game is winnable but it's going to take a lot of good fortune for the Mavs to come out on top.
  10. You didn't see the peace and harmony between both teams?
  11. Really sloppy game on all sides. We have to protect the football and we can't continue to hurt ourselves with penalties setting up 3rd and forever. We also have to be able to make adjustments to stop 2 run plays up the middle that seemed to get 6-7 yards a carry. This was a very winnable game but you're not going to if you're playing against yourselves as well. There's a lot of football left to be played and as long as we correct a lot of things before district, we'll be fine.
  12. I wouldn't care if we came out wearing vivid tangerine if it meant playing better than we did tonight
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