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  1. Carthage overcame 4 turnovers in the semi final game and still put up 46 points... Carthage by a lot!
  2. I don’t see a team that isn’t balanced on offense beating Carthage! And how could you pick against Surratt.
  3. Congrats PG go get that ring! And bring it back to East Texas!
  4. We’re gonna show up in a big way just watch!
  5. 482 is not the right number.
  6. That’s not the right number.
  7. Head to head Tatum 17 White Oak 1 problem solved.
  8. Enjoy the bashing now cause it’s not gonna stick for long. The Eagles will be back mark my words!
  9. We’re still here and always will be. just a tough year this year! We will be back we have a great coaching staff and our young guys have it rolling.
  10. I hate to see my Eagles struggling! Im gonna continue to support them through thick and thin no matter what!
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