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  1. Not 3000, but maybe closer to 2000. Threw the ball very well all year and was plagued by several drops per game....but that's part of it. Besides. the only number that counts is the W's coach. Also hats off to All Saints! Great effort last Friday. Congrats to Coach Ackerman and his team on a very impressive 1st season!
  2. Grace's Mike Maddox - 2nd year program, 1 win last year, 0-2 to start this year and then winning 7 straight to finish 7-2. Outstanding!
  3. OK, I don't understand the "recruitment" argument among private schools. I do not have a problem with a student athlete being attracted to a certain school because of the facilities, coaches and/or the whole atmosphere of the school as opposed to most of our public schools. I don't consider that recruiting but rather good old fashioned supply and demand based competition. So if Grace or Brook Hill or any of the private schools can attract kids with what they have to offer, I say more power to them. As a matter of fact, I wish the Texas lawmakers would allow the voucher system to go into eff
  4. 66, I fail to see how saying congrats to the coaches and players at Grace can be considered bragging. I'm pretty sure the Grace team realizes they aren't ready to be competitive with the TKG's & Prestonwoods. How many years have those programs been playing? But they've had a pretty darned good year, this being only year two of football for them. And lionfan, of course you're right, none of the kids at Grace can play a lick, they just play sorry teams. And one last thing, is the game you called D against Coach M that you referred to the one where Gilmer scored 58?
  5. C'mon lionfan, admit it. You won't give Coach Maddox and his staff props even though you know it's tru-man. I don't recall last year's schedule being loaded with a bunch of powerhouses either. All us dads and kids do appreciate you explaining the finer points of football to us though. :notworthy:
  6. Sportsfan44, you nailed it. Skill position players can only carry you as far as your guys in the trenches will allow. If Frye and staff can get the interior lines coached up then next year's team can be pretty good. They are playing hard this year and have shown progress. This off season is going to be really important. Good luck the rest of this year to the Panthers.
  7. It is very nice to see good things happening for the Grace team. It is true, the Oakwood and Fruitvale games were not anything to get excited about. But Grace has made marked improvement from last year to this year. Part of that is experience and a larger part is the coaching. Coach Maddox and his assistants have the team ready to go each week and, I believe, made the difference in the Alba, Brook Hill and Parish games. Good things are ahead for the Grace program. Congratulations to the Cougars on a great season! Now finish well with one last victory this Friday!
  8. A vote to increase the distance class 5A girls run from two miles to 5K was voted down by the UIL. Out of 1035 state superintendents surveyed, only 22 percent chose to reply yes or no. 28% had no opinion and the rest apparently didn't reply at all. A majority of 5A coaches do favor the change but Texas and Oklahoma remain the only states where girls run two miles. The rest run 4K, 3 miles or 5K. I think its the wrong decision by the UIL....again.
  9. Another benefit of changing to 5K would be eliminating the set-up of two different courses for girls and boys races. A couple of times this year there has been confusion at the meets where the different courses do coincide and then branch off in different directions. The spotters weren't paying close attentionand some girls got off course and had to backtrack, costing them several seconds.
  10. From 1st game to now, Grace has gotten better each week (with the possible exception of the Frankston game). Out of the gate at 0-2, they have now won 4 straight and have a realistic shot at winning out and finishing 7-2. Really good job by coaches and players.
  11. Bull...don't you mean that the 2 wins they already have are to be considered a positive after what they've done the past few years? 2002,2003,2004,2005- 0-40 2006- 2-3 Actually, Raider, I mean that since they're already at 2 wins in their pre-district schedule, it would be kind of a disappointment to lose out and not get to at least 3. If they were 0-fer right now then 2 would be great.
  12. Grace Community had 48 @ halftime versus Oakwood. They played their starters only 1 series into the 2nd quarter. Then they ran the clock the entire 2nd half. Alto probably should do the same or they'll score 100 and nobody wants to see that.
  13. I've seen them both and when I watch Kinne I feel like I'm I'm watching an outstanding high school QB who will be a decent college QB. Playing at Baylor will offer very little if any national exposure and playing on Sundays seems like a long shot at best for him. When I watch Mallett, I see an outstanding high school QB who, barring injury, will be a star at the next level. That plus the national exposure available at Michigan gives him the stage to be something really special and playing on Sundays is easy to imagine for him.
  14. Quitman 45 - AG 14 AG has decent skill position players but the o-line and d-line are weak spots. To build good interior line play is going to take time. Still if they can get to 3 wins this year that has to be considered a positive after what they've done in the past few years.
  15. Football is the ultimate "team game" so when players are playing in a game where the outcome is no longer in doubt just for the sake of statistics it is a shame. I would hold the coach resposible. There are life lessons to be learned on how to win AND lose with class and dignity. To promote one players' stats over the rest of his team is disrespectful to not only the opponent but to the younger players who practice hard during the week and could be getting some well deserved playing time.
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