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  1. Middle

    District of Doom

    Though it's pretty much a blast from the past at this point, could probably also point out that Kilgore won 4A D-II in 2004 with less than 100 students above the 4A cutoff. The best indicator of a District of Doom is how good the teams are that sat at home during playoffs. Bullard would easily dominate pretty much any other 3A district. It was the same with Hallsville in 2004. Good luck to all 16-3A teams this week!
  2. Middle

    Kilgore vs Chapel Hill

    Since you've decided to whip out the forum rules, buckeyebob, why don't you take a look at this provision: Considering this is a topic about Kilgore versus Chapel Hill (a game that's come and gone, no less), you might want to stop instigating and participating in Kilgore-Gilmer talk. You'll get your chance to observe Rule 8 and violate Rule 4 in less than a week.
  3. Middle

    Kilgore vs Chapel Hill

    Please stop feeding the troll. This topic is about Kilgore and Chapel Hill. Stay on topic.
  4. Middle

    Kilgore vs Bullard

    Kind of a unfounded and unnecessary comment, don't you think? Great game to both teams. Should be interesting to see how they fair in the rest of district play.
  5. Middle

    Stoops COULD leave OU

    Both crooked, with that anything-to-win attitude; seems like a match made in heaven.
  6. Middle

    Indepence bowl!

    Northern Illinois and LA Tech. I was hoping for LSU vs LA Tech ...
  7. Middle

    Texas A & M Commerce - interesting visit today

    So what does that leave? :lol: If you teach your kids right then "different beliefs" won't hurt them. If they're sheltered and can't think for themselves, then yeah, they'd probably be susceptible to the silver-tongue of a professor. But that malleability started somewhere else, not college. So no liberal arts, no sciences, no economics. That leaves ... communications? agriculture? basket weaving? Good luck parent on finding your son a place to play and go to school. I've seen the inanity of college recruiting first hand, and it still boils my skin to think about it. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that popularity contest anymore.
  8. Middle

    Goodson declaring for NFL draft

    It's good he won't go early as some of you are predicted; maybe he could get picked up by a winning team and get a taste of that. :)
  9. Middle

    Rice Headed to Texas Bowl

    WOW, things sure have changed then. If I remember correctly (long shot), the game I saw had an option running QB from East Texas. Maybe it was five seasons ago ... man these years fly past me.
  10. Middle

    Rice Headed to Texas Bowl

    Is Rice still running the option? Last time I saw them was a home game vs SMU (of course they pummeled them) 3 or 4 seasons ago.
  11. Middle

    Aggies are 35 point dog vs Texas!

    Did I just throw the HS t-shirter for a loop by using a vernacular above 12th grade? Wow. Bleeds, watch out for me, I might faint. EDIT: JO, I'm really playfully being a red-behind; I sincerely hope, if you wish, that you get into UT. It's a wonderful school and you'd be doing well in your life to get in and go. Good luck, and to second etos, keep us updated. Educated East Texans are a precious commodity. You'll probably find that out soon if you haven't already! :)
  12. Middle

    45-35 sign circling over Stillwater

    My hometown and took some courses there. KC put ya guns up. But I did move on to bigger and better things. Harvard on the INTERSTATE, for example.
  13. Middle

    ...no Big XII championship game?

    To me it would make more sense, as said before, to enforce a BCS wide championship game. And I also agree, for parity's sake, that the two teams that play be the best two teams in the conference. That means, the best North and South team unless the number 2 team from either division is higher ranked than the number 1 from the opposite division. Though it seems to be a hindrance as of late, hasn't there been instances in the past where the championship game has helped Big 12 teams vault other teams in the rankings?
  14. Middle

    45-35 sign circling over Stillwater

    Harvard on the Highway seems to be the ubiquitous alma mater of SDC posters. Associates notwithstanding.
  15. Middle

    Croom resigns at Miss State

    Way to screw up the fun, Gomer.