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  1. Wow y’all give up 40 plus and you blame the punter????
  2. Just read in a book about being successful and being significant... “A successful coach will have wins and trophies in the school trophy case, but a significant coach will have players who come back and visit them because he/she made a difference in their life. A “real” coach strives to be significant” When that coach is significant, that’s when the kids will go all out and run through a brick wall for you. Then and only then will you start having success.
  3. Agree. You want a coach who wants to learn and get better. Constantly talking ball, talking to other coaches about ball, going to clinics to learn and just wanting to get better. DA and Mason not being a finalist is laughable, but then again when the town is divided 4 ways it’s hard for them to get chance. If DField wants what best, don’t ask washed up towns people, go ask the kids who are going into battle every Friday night who/ what they would like. They will tell you
  4. Daingerfield is a dumpsterfire. Town still living in the Alexander/Bowman eras. Nelson used politics to get to this point and is prolly the worst hire of the ones mentioned above. Tell me the last time you’ve seen an honest hardworking politician. You haven’t and that’s what DField is getting. I agree with lloyd DField remains irrelevant.
  5. If you know more about DF school than most then you should know the facts and what’s going on. I don’t have a dog in the hunt, just like reading the post. But it seems the town is split 4 different ways... Alexander, Bowman, Nelson, Mason. Last time I checked towns people don’t play, kids do, so you may want to find someone that the kids are willing too and wanting to play for.
  6. After reading post it looks like to me you should be looking for or watching who is running the show. I hear the kids are getting after it in offseason, it’s a nice change from the past two years
  7. Gardner is the real deal... just get him the ball
  8. Another Timpson TD. 68-28 7 min left in 4th
  9. Another Timpson Bear TD, 2 pt good. 54-20 Timpson 7:08 left in 3rd
  10. Yes Timpson returns 2nd half kickoff. 46-20 Bears
  11. Timpson returns 2nd half kickoff. 46-20 Bears
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