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  1. Celina up 14-0, on 2 td passes. 3 plays. What is wrong with that pass defense?
  2. Looks like this was a real barn burner. Well done!
  3. Score? I'm watching 2 other streams and browsing smoaky
  4. uhoh Jonny is going to have them hurtin Monday
  5. The Panther offense looks good when it has a little room to operate.
  6. Sounds like a good game. Thanks for the updates
  7. Pewitt's best chance was to out score MV. I was thinking MV might get stopped or have a turnover once. Pewitt got the stop and had a chance to be up 14-0 then the wheels came off. Best back gets hurt and they start fumbling snaps and handoffs. MV looks really good. Even without their best rb and half the Defense out.
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