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  1. Probably content with chasing perfection rather than chasing wins so he doesn't have to move his family. When the kids graduate, a change will be much more interesting.
  2. Aubrey had just missed a game tying FG.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10218866900639532&id=1112446141
  4. NG and LB in gap timed snap other LB recovered. Next play trips left one cb, safety high on hash. Even if backer was lined up better, it would be tough to cover that route with qb rolling left and changing the angle. Throw in a little rub by the slot. Easy TD brother to brother.
  5. TD Newton in one play. 44-36 On side kick coming
  6. 2:40 left 1st down Pewitt. Newton takes last time out
  7. 2 great games last night and tonight in AAA div 2. Pewitt ball 5min left 37-30
  8. Pewitt O-line is destroying Newton. Hill runs like he is 230. Pewitt up 37-30 7 min left
  9. Newton can score in a heartbeat but these Pewitt boys came to play! Halftime 22 All Goal line stand by the Bulls
  10. 2nd qtr 14 all. Newton punting. Pewitt fumbles Newton 22 Pewitt 14
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