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  1. Gameday Lindale!!!.....best of luck and stick with everything that got you here...believe and know your best will be good enough
  2. They dont have to be the best team...they just have to be the best team Friday night...I am most definitely rooting for them...just keep believing!!!.. that dang football bounces funny ways sometimes...best of luck
  3. seen that...I doubt they are players...probably just some other kids
  4. I have no problem congratulating Lindale if they win and support them the rest of the way!!.....there's nothing wrong with believing and stating your team can win if they play well...just like Lindale believes they can win again even if Kilgore plays better.....I don't see neither team saying without a doubt they will win...just more of confidence that they can win!!...I think everyone knows this game can go either way, so honestly no crow would be needed for either...just more of a great game and good luck!!!...JMO
  5. yeah, thought it was pretty cool to see how they have played together since they were kids...and now as SR's in high school...pretty special!!
  6. Lindale did a good job on that particular drive to force Kilgore to kick the FG...I'm not taking that away....I'm just saying if we execute better we score a td..??...but, who knows...and as far as the final play, I just view a desperation attempt as one "last" attempt in which it did not have to be...just got to do a better job this time if we get in that spot!!..hopefully, we learned from our mistakes...if so, I truly believe we win...guess we will have to see
  7. one of the picks was on our end of the field which led to 7 pts for Lindale....the other was not a desperation attempt (because it didn't have to be the last play)...we still had 1 timeout and could of ran there or threw to a different route...our QB just went for it on that particular play (hence INT) he just tried to force it...also, yes you had 2 blocked XP's in which 1 led to 2 pts for Kilgore...but also, yall had a 2 pt conversion after a Kilgore offsides on an XP too....Kilgore also, left some pts on the board when we kicked a FG (we were on the 15 yd line that drive)...so, Kilgore's las
  8. ha...hopefully Kilgore doesn't jump offsides again on XP and give Jenkins a closer opportunity to go for 2...lord knows he doesn't need it
  9. I was kinda thinking the same...the first meeting just kind of snowballed into a shootout...I really think a 35-28..or 31-28 type score
  10. it should be a great game...neither team can afford mistakes in this one...both are too good and will make the other one pay for it
  11. well, let's just say Lindale won the game....for sure!!....but, I have a feeling if we correct what went wrong last time we will move on...guess we shall see though. It will come down to which team makes the least mistakes this time...or whomever wins special teams
  12. taking Carthage out of this region doesn't make it a "weak" region...maybe it just levels the playing field...getting drummed by a good Carthage team in the 4th round wouldn't make it a strong region...it would still be Carthage and everyone else!!!...JMO
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