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  1. That's awesome and a game Collin will cherish all his life.
  2. I just meant as a whole their schedule could be just as brutal as in the past. Like you I'm a little surprised by PP, but it definitely doesn't hurt PP to play a team with the history Atlanta has.
  3. Atlanta could still have a problem with every team on their non district schedule. There's no sure win there.
  4. Huh? It was around 5:30 pm when I made my post and it's 8:30 am now. Way too early for bed, although this constant rain is making me sleepy.
  5. I'm getting a headache reading these posts.
  6. One of my favorite teams. That team was responsible for much of the 2014 team's success.
  7. All really great games. I'll add one more that didn't really count for much because it was a non district game and that's the Gladewater win over PG at their Stadium, in the rain. PG was the defending 4A Div 2 champion.
  8. Gladewater Week 1- Gilmer Week 2- Spring Hill Week 3- Center Week 4- Kilgore
  9. Gladewater's non district in this order; Gilmer Spring Hill Center Kilgore
  10. RIP BigRedFan Prayers from Gladewater
  11. I remember playing them in the playoffs. Happy to have them back on the schedule this year. Maybe that's why Coach Turner retired. Just kidding
  12. Bears beat Winona. Gladewater is 1-1. Not sure who they lost to.
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