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  1. Just from looking at the standings and games this week, it looks like if Mineola beats Rains that either Mt Vernon or Pottsboro will fall to 4th seed depending on who losses in their game. Nevermind, I'm missing the last district game.
  2. My point was that even if they lose out it's still unlikely it would drop them to 4th seed. Too many other things would have to happen.
  3. First, Tatum won't lose out but even if they did it would still be unlikely that they would finish in 4th.
  4. Gladewater vs Sabine By The Numbers Record- Bears 24 Sabine 0 First Meeting- 1986- Bears won 54-0 Last Meeting- 2019- Bears won 40-16 Total Points Scored in Series- Bears 961 Sabine 208 Most Points in a Game- 88- 1990 Bears won 74-14 Fewest Points in a Game- 20- 1994 Bears won 14-6 Largest Point Spread- 61- 1991 Bears won 61-0 Smallest Point Spread- 2- 1997 Bears won 14-12 Bears Shutout Sabine 7 times- 1986 54-0 1987 39-0 1989 52
  5. Congrats Winnsboro. Sounds like it was a great game.
  6. You keep bringing it up and someone's going to start it and you know if it gets started I've got to do what you don't want me to do.
  7. PN-G won that game in the last 7 secs. My grandson is in the PN-G band and I saw some video. Looked really exciting. Glad the Indians won..
  8. I'm going to assume you are talking about the ejection tonight. Not sure you can say it put the game on the line or that it won't be taken care of. Ejections do come with an additional penalty. I think they can't play the 1st half of the next game. Will that hurt us? Maybe. It's not something that we want. As far as our coaches holding him responsible, well it's only been a few hours since the game ended. We don't know right now what will happen. I'm sure the coaches will talk to him, watch film of what happened and deal with it. As far as any other situations in the last 3 years, I've seen th
  9. District Standings Gladewater 7-2, 5-0 Tatum 5-1, 3-1 White Oak 4-1, 3-1 Atlanta 2-7, 2-3 Jefferson 3-5, 1-3 Sabine 3-5, 1-3 New Boston 1-5, 0-4 October 23rd Scores Gladewater 31 White Oak 14 Tatum 59 Jefferson 7 Atlanta 40 New Boston 20 Sabine open October 30th Games Gladewater at Sabine Tatum vs White Oak Jefferson vs New Boston Atlanta open Games Left Gladewater- at Sabine & open Tatum- White Oak & Sabine White Oak- Tatum & New Boston A
  10. Punted 12 times this year. Punted twice against Tatum opening district game but had not punted since until tonight.
  11. Game Stats First Downs- Bears 14 White Oak 9 Rushing- Bears 38/170/2 TD White Oak 22/21 Passing- Bears 9/20/198/2 TD White Oak 10/23/2 TD/Int Fumbles- Bears 2/1 White Oak 1/1 Punts- Bears 3/27.3 avg White Oak 5/28.8 Penalties- Bears 7/57 White Oak 4/35 Score By Quarter 1st- Bears 7 WO 0 2nd- Bears 14 WO 0 3rd- Bears 0 WO 7 4th- Bears 10 WO 7 Stat Leaders Bears- Rushing- Malachi Gordon 16/67/TD Passing- Tristan Holmes 9/20/198/2 TD Receiving- DJ Allen 3/102/TD
  12. Halftime Stats First Downs- Bears 6 White Oak 4 Rushing- Bears 16/88/TD White Oak 13/4 Passing- Bears 4/9/135/2 TDs White Oak 5/13/Int Fumbles- Bears 1/0 White Oak 1/1 Punts- Bears 2/36 avg White Oak 5/28.8 avg Penalties- Bears 4/40 White Oak 3/20
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