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  1. Won't be another change until Jonny decides to leave and I doubt that will be anytime soon. Maybe in 50 years when he retires.
  2. I never said there was an issue. Just commenting I'd rather have his talent than not. I would say Lewis, who played WR last year.
  3. Oh I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who believes what I said anyway. I still say, under the right circumstances, having a talent like Carter is better than not having him.
  4. Totally surprised if all being said is true. I didn't see any player take a knee when I was there earlier in the season and I know the team chaplain and he said nothing but good things that were going on in Center. Sad if true.
  5. We won't have a problem at QB despite Holmes graduating. Getting Allen the ball will depend on the abilities of our other upcoming WR's and if our RB's will be successful. Losing a talent like Carter does hurt. Despite him being underused (some of that his doing), the kid was a weapon and was dangerous when he was in games. We will also have to replace some really good OL & DL players and a kicker. I sure hate losing our kicker. Going for 2 every score can many times put a team in a hole quickly. I still think not having our kicker lost us the Center game.
  6. We had a pretty good team in 2001. Can't think of anyone I wanted to play but I can think of one team I would like a do over with. Commerce
  7. Merry Christmas to all and a blessed 2021 from Bear Country!
  8. I'm with you. Dandy Don is my all time favorite football player. Has been since I was little. I even got to meet him. He was a great guy!
  9. Plus, I'm sure there are those that believe any media attention would focus on Coach Briles and not the kids. Add to that most media still only sees Briles in a negative light and any attention on MV's storybook season would be cast in the light of their hatred for Briles. Sad for Coach Briles and the kids but maybe no attention is better than the stuff the media could be focusing on. Question for longtime MV fans. Some are stating that this season is MV's best but didn't the Tiger team in the mid to late 50's with Dandy Don go further? Seems like in '55, '56 or '57 they had a re
  10. No one said you couldn't have an opinion. You just need an informed one. You started an argument with wrong info and expected others to do your research. Fact is you were arguing with someone that already knew the facts but you continue on with your same argument.
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