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  1. Of course i can read, thats why i spoke up when you come to a non setx site to complain about no one in orange talking about a parade less than 24 hrs after the game on christmas weekend.... i can read exceptionally well, i can even read into your desire to come to a site where you think it will be easy to get someone to agree with your complaint with very little backlash. I also think its kinda funny that they dont agree with you.
  2. Agreed, people in orange LOOK for things to complain about. Its ridiculous. Oh, they'll get a parade because people will be rioting if they dont, watch and see.
  3. Last year it was a couple of weeks after. Sounds like you just looking for something to complain about.
  4. Hey Jedi, read the end of your post... and as for the parade, its been 3 days since the ship (2 days when you posted this) and its Christmas. Officials havent even been back to work... why dont you give it some time before you start complaining?
  5. Well, finally made it home. It was a long trip home after watching my boys go down, but man, what a ride the last 4 yrs have been. Mustangs 4 life! Congrats again to a tough bunch of Hawks! Well done and well deserved. Don't take anything i said to heart, its all in fun. We all love our teams. Ill be checking out now. Peace!
  6. And... if you consider Jasper ET, then we def have a winning record against ET. Weve beat jasper in the playoffs 4 or 5 times. They've beat us once too.
  7. Great game to the PG Hawks! Great team and a well deserved win.
  8. Gilmer and Carthage? Who else? Again, you cant claim PG, they are NE Texas.
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