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  1. Who cares how many yards one guy has against ya. If you win. Might be a few guys get a 100 yards since you will be winning by so many
  2. Just rumors but its not the football coach. Its the baseball coach. Not sure what he did. But i think its pretty bad
  3. So sad when a young person dies!!!! Prayers from all
  4. Is the Head Coach already in Trouble? Ill call all my Texarkana buddies someone will know
  5. I wish hooks would get some move-ins. Instead we get move outs
  6. Here is my take depth and Coaching will win this District!! Arp-returns as much as Waskom Irvin and staff are the most seasoned staff Waskom-what a job these coaches have done in a short time. From everyone's Homecoming to State Title contender! Im shocked Waskom kept them all. I bet they dont next year!! Frankston-return alot of kids and seems like there staff has turned it around Troup-no one is better than Alexander. Lynch or no Lynch West Rusk-Frazier has weathered the storm of a small school. Great teams with talent and bad teams with no talent. They will rebound this year and b
  7. I dont like schutt helmets. But the color and logo looks sweet
  8. I saw the arp track team. If they are all coming back. Then yes they are loaded! Newton looked dang good. Waskom nor troup looked that good except the big kid from troup
  9. Wow that seems like a step down??? Whats up at Commerce?
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