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  1. Need to get a back up generator!! Lol
  2. I’ve enjoyed this app every week every year for close to 10 years if not 10 years. The whole time I can’t remember it EVER failing me.
  3. Same here. Only thing different from last week is the screen graphics and it’s a spinning football instead of a circle thing
  4. Well it’s not the spinning wheel on the app trying to connect to the server it’s a football but not connecting or updating just the same. Least not for me!
  5. Not sure who made the decision to reactivate the old app, but Thank You!! I got it reinstalled and working.
  6. I saw on the app that Wylie East scored in the first quarter on Mt Pleasant and missed the PAT a little later I went back to the app and it ust kept continually loading schedule games with little spinning thing. Did that all night. Went to bed just checked it this morning still says it’s loading….not good and that was a THURSDAY night.
  7. Still endlessly spinning loading games here!! Uhgggg
  8. Loading game schedule just endlessly spinning.
  9. @MattSteppI started this topic. I am a Dave Campbell Texas Football paid subscriber. I guess I’m not understanding. My Texas Football App has not updated it doesn’t prompt me to update it opens on 2020 State Championship game. My App Store doesn’t find it no matter how I word my search. Help please
  10. Is the Friday Night Football App still active? We are less than a month away from opening night and I have no games showing up on my app. It is still displaying last years games for my teams.
  11. No worries MAV It’s all chicken but the beak!
  12. MAV Texas High baseball did not play Pine Tree Saturday!??? Play Tuesday in Longview
  13. Oh yea on the Texarkana Radio Center App you will choose 107.9 FM The Fan
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