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  1. I've heard that the previous Off. Coordinator is leaving, and Coach Maddox is going to be the new Off. Coordinator.
  2. Congrats to Coach Cochran! From what I've heard we are in good hands with you in charge.
  3. I think there is a board meeting tonight. Nobody that I know has heard of a name that they are taking to the board. Interesting times in Lindale.
  4. Has anyone heard anything? If they were staying in house don't you think it would be done? I heard they interviewed last week.
  5. Thank you Coach Meador for your 22 years in Lindale. You have had a positive influence on many students over the years. I've seen you working with students at your church, and many hours outside of your job. You care about students, and the lives they live. You have been a blessing to our community of Lindale. Good luck to you and your family wherever you go.
  6. Which assistant would be the replacement?
  7. This is a BIG hit for Lindale. They played some major defense last year, and it won them several games. This DC showed major improvements from the previous couple years of Lindale football. Does anyone know where he is going? I think Coach Meador the HC is an offensive guy, so it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.
  8. That is true, but I believe 3 of those TD for Gladewater were when the second team was in. Gladewater had their twos in, but most were starters because they dont have as many numbers as Lindale to put in a full 2nd team. Lindale looks ok, they just don't have much depth.
  9. That makes sense. I did notice #2 was taken out early, and y'all QB was as well. It's just y'all's backup is a runner, and that is not good for us a lot of the time. I just kept seeing starters on the oline and dline. Y'all's kids play with a lot of class. That was probably the first team I've seen all year not trash talk a whole lot. Good luck to y'all the rest of the year.
  10. Not sure why you would call out a coach and his program that you don't follow closely. I'm assuming you just know a parent of a football player in Lindale that doesn't like the coach, and thinks their son should be playing more.
  11. Lufkin definitely had their starters in. Their starting d-line was in the entire game. The only non starters that I saw was the second oline, and that was the last drive of the game. Meador's son is starting, and he is the best qb in the program right now. That really isn't even a question. He looked really good against Jacksonville and did some good things against Lufkin. He made mistakes, but there aren't many soph who wouldn't against Lufkin.
  12. Lindale is running the ball really well right now. Even against Lufkin they ran the ball effectively. That will give them a chance against Nac. Lindale's new RB has been very impressive the past few weeks.
  13. Lindale did run the same play over and over again. They pulled a guard and ran off tackle all 2nd half. And they continued to do it from only 2 formations many times with the same pre snap motion.
  14. If Lindale can run the ball I think it will be closer than people think. They did some good things running the ball against Corsicana. I like the wildcat look they got into late in the game. Where is blitzem? He had many opinions on Lindale in the summer right before football started.
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