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  1. He was throwing every pass almost as fast as he got the snap. They were well coached and very prepared. In the end we were to much for them, but they played a good clean game. Maybe a program on the rise. We shall see.
  2. And some admiration.......as bad as I hate to say it. They are like Tom Brady.......you don't have to like him, but you got to respect him!!!
  3. It would have to be Surratt or Gipson I would assume. Get them guys in college and Buckeyes might have a chance again
  4. Billy Ray again confirmed today that an offer has been extended. As of yet there has either not been a decision or it has not been announced. Personally, knowing both a little bit, I just cannot see Kurt not going. But I've been wrong before. I really think he enjoys REL a whole lot. That makes the decision very hard.
  5. Coats reporting a job has been offered. Kurt still, according to reports, is undecided.
  6. Sept 2005 with only 335 posts. That's not talking to much is it?
  7. Well Pitt laid an egg and let me down!!
  8. I took a flyer and put them in SC game in my bracket.........losing to Gilmer 49-47.
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