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Found 16 results

  1. I'm interested to see what everyone's thoughts are. Malakoff and Pottsboro are the teams to beat right now. Sabine is looking really good. D7 is getting dicey, and I think all 5 teams could make a run. I think Hooks is the dark horse in the region.
  2. Alright. Here we go. Hughes Springs has slain the mighty Bulldogs. Will they give Atlanta their first loss at home on their new turf?
  3. Atlanta, Tatum, and Gladewater dropping could be very tough to stop these young studs. Will they make some deep runs next couple years? I think they will be top contenders the next few years!
  4. Atlanta had a heck of a battle against Spring Hill!!! Now we're hoping to represent our district well what does everyone think?
  5. Here we go. Who will take it this year? Last year we had a thriller, that ultimately led to Atlanta coming back and pulling away late in the game. Not sure if we have the defense this year to stop Tatum however. We haven't stopped anyone running the ball this year so far, and I don't look for it to change this Friday. We will see though!
  6. Well, here it is. A game I was once anticipating for other reasons, I am now seeing is an absolute must win for Atlanta. If they do not win this, they are out of the playoffs. My, how this season has transpired from what it was thought to have been before week 1. I will add I information on this game tomorrow. The most important part though is - Atlanta has to win. Atlanta hasn't beat Gilmer in 13 years. Gilmer Buckeyes(7-1) vs Atlanta Rabbits(5-3) Gilmer's opponents combined records - (30-32) .484 Atlanta's opponents combined records - (34-27) .557 Atlanta leads the series is tied a
  7. I'll add a preview tomorrow! Excited for this matchup! Atlanta Rabbits(5-2) vs Gladewater Bears(5-1) Gladewater's opponents combined records - (21-23) .457 Atlanta's opponents combined records - (25-17) .595 The series is tied at (8-8), dating all the way back to 1962. Gladewater averages 40.5 PPG, while allowing just 15.7 PPG. Atlanta averages 32 PPG, while allowing 24 PPG. Last 5 meetings: 2015 - Atlanta - 35 | Gladewater - 28 2014 - Gladewater - 36 | Atlanta - 14 2013 - Gladewater - 34 | Atlanta - 33 -
  8. Well, might as well get this started. Who shows up? I'll make a preview Sunday or Monday. I'm headed to the Red River Rivalry on top of my recent loss of motivation haha. Atlanta better decide real soon if they want to be in the playoffs. Atlanta Rabbits(4-2) vs Pleasant Grove(1-5) Pleasant Grove's opponents combined records - (20-17) .541 Atlanta's opponents combined records - (22-15) .595 Atlanta leads the series (15-10),Dating all the way back to 1984. Last 5 meetings: 2015 - Atlanta - 55 | Pleasant Grove - 31 2014 - Atlanta - 48 | Pleasant Grove - 7 2013 - Atlanta - 4
  9. Week 7 is upon us! This is the district opener! I will add a preview for this game tomorrow! Atlanta Rabbits(4-1) vs Pittsburg Pirates(3-2) Pittsburg's opponents combined records - (14-14) .500 Atlanta's opponents combined records - (14-12) .538 Atlanta leads the series (22-11-1),Dating all the way back to 1930. Last 5 meetings: 2015 - Pittsburg - 40 | Atlanta - 14 2014 - Atlanta - 55 | Pittsburg - 13 2013 - Atlanta - 49 | Pittsburg - 14 2012 - Atlanta - 41 | Pittsburg - 28 2011 - Pittsburg - 28 | Atlanta - 7 Atlanta is coming off of a 4 game winning streak, beati
  10. I just wanted to bring attention to an event happening right now that is near to my heart. When I lived in Atlanta, we went to a church called Passion City Church led by Pastor Louie Gigglio. This church was absolutely incredible... It stemmed from an event in 1998 called PASSION in Dallas, Texas. Louie Gigglio, Chris Tomlin, and a few other christian leaders put on this big event for college students and hosted an awesome event for almost nothing... After the finances were added up, they were $1million in the hole from the event. A wealthy man who was at odds with God was so moved by th
  11. I will take PG in a nail biter.
  12. Region 1 - Celina vs. Sweetwater Note: All references to scoring output pertain to all regular- and post-season games inclusively, unless otherwise noted. Similar scoring output for both teams - 638 for Sweetwater and 617 for Celina. Celina has a stouter defense, having surrendered a total of 193 points vs. Sweetwater's yield of 316. Sweetwater, however, is undefeated, whereas Celina has lost twice. Both of Celina's losses were in non-district games, the first a 12-point loss to 4AD1 Argyle, and the second a 19-point loss to Bishop Lynch (TAPPS I) out of Dallas. I feel Celina will
  13. Texas High will be there. Who else ? This is always a great a track meet.
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