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Found 18 results

  1. Well, here we go, Cowboys vs the Rams. I'm glad we got the Rams instead of the Saints, thanks to a missed kick by the Bears in the last seconds against the Eagles. This will be the first time since 1985 when these two have met in the playoffs. I like our chances. Thoughts??
  2. This will be only the second time that these two teams have met in the playoffs. The last time was in '06 @ Seattle. Also a wild card game. It ended with Romo fumbling the snap for a potential game winning field goal. Seahawks won 21-20. A game that most of us Cowboy fans would like to forget. I would like to see the Cowboys come into this game with a lot of attitude and win this thing.
  3. Cowboys coming off a big win over the Bucs, which sealed for them the NFC East title. The hated Giants coming off a meaningless loss from the Colts. This last game of the regular season has no bearing on either teams position as things stand. Thoughts?
  4. Cowboys coming off of a frustrating shut out lost by the Colts, ending the Cowboys five game winning streak. Bucs, (5-9), also coming off a lost against the Ravens. Hopefully the Cowboys lost was a wake up call, and can get back on track.
  5. Cowboys coming off of a crazy ending victory over the Eagles. Giving them their fifth straight win. Colts coming off of a must win over the red hot Texans, (24-21). Ending Houston's nine game winning streak. Can the Boys continue their winning ways, or will the Colts end another streak?
  6. Cowboys getting a huge win against a Saints team that has been on a roll. Now have another big game against them hated Eagles, who play them hated Redskins this Monday night. Thoughts??
  7. Cowboys coming off of a big win against the Redskins. But a freight train is coming to Dallas called the New Orleans Saints, after winning their tenth straight game. Question is, will the Boys be able to derail the Saints or will the Cowboys get steam rolled? Thoughts?
  8. Cowboys coming off another much needed win, against a desperate Falcon team. Redskins coming off a lost against Houston. I'm hoping the Boys can keep this winning streak going, and tie things up with the Redskins in the NFC East division. Should be another good game. Thoughts? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
  9. Cowboys coming off of a must win against the Eagles and the Falcons coming off of a embarrassing lost against the Browns. Both teams are 4-5. Thoughts?
  10. Cowboys are starting to dig themselves a hole that they can't get out of, after the frustrating loss against the Titans. And now have to face the world champs on their stomping grounds, after their bye week. Thoughts??
  11. Both teams coming off of a long bye week after both having close loses in their last games. So both are sitting on a record of 3-4. How will Cooper mesh with the Cowboys? Thoughts?
  12. 3-3 Cowboys take on the 3-2 Redskins. I remember the season the Cowboys were 1-15, and that their only win was against the Redskins, (13-3). Also remember the season the Cowboys went 13-3 and later won the Super Bowl. The hated Redskins spoiled our Boys chance that year to end their regular season for the first time ever at 14-2. (20-17).
  13. Cowboys coming off of a lost in a slug fest, against the Texans, in OT, 19-16. Jaguars also coming off a lost, (30-14), against a red hot Chiefs team. Who wins, and your thoughts?
  14. (2-2) Cowboys get a much needed win, by defeating the Lions with a last second fg, 26-24. (1-3) Houston gets their first win of the season, also ending a nine game losing streak, after defeating the Colts. 34-31 OT
  15. I think the Cowboys can.....,nevermind................Thoughts?
  16. Cowboys get a important win against the Giants. Seahawks play tomorrow night against the Bears. Seattle lost last week in their season opener to Denver, 27-24.
  17. Hated Giants come to Dallas under the prime time lights. Giants lose their season opener, to a very tough Jaguars team, 20-15. While the Boys looked horrible against the Panthers, losing 16-8. Thoughts.
  18. Lets get it started Last season Dallas missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record. Carolina made the playoffs, but lost to the Saints in the NFC wildcard round
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