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East Texas Girls B-Ball leaders 1-22-10

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(Minimum 5 per game)


Player, team Avg.


Lacy Liles, E. Fields 21.7


Ashleigh Simmons, Hawkins 20.8


Maria Leaks, Daingerfield 20.0


Victoria McReynolds, Avinger 19.2


Shavondra Collins, L-Kildare 16.6


Riki Parker, Gladewater 14.9


CeCe Jimmerson, Daingerfield 14.6


Kimmy Hendricks, New Diana 13.9


Megan McGuire, Hallsville 13.0


Tara Wait, White Oak 12.1


Mariah Coleman, Daingerfield 12.1


Kaylee Prather, E. Fields 11.6


Tiana Poole, Longview 11.5


Jessica Spelling, L-Kildare 11.4


Leslie Jennings, P. Pewitt 11.2


Tiara Davis, Longview 11.1


Ashley Barry, Hallsville 10.9


Kayla Self, Spring Hill 10.9


Klasshey Williams, Longview 10.8


Lizzie Autrey, Spring Hill 10.8


Kristin Koonce, White Oak 10.8


Tiarra Davis, Henderson 10.6


Morgan Wilson, White Oak 10.6


Xzache Mathis, Pine Tree 9.8


Neya Anderson, P. Pewitt 9.1


Shaleetha Jackson, Pine Tree 8.8


Shelby Jacobs, Hawkins 8.5


Monica Perez, Hallsville 8.3


Sarah King, C. Heritage 8.3


Kelsey Southern, New Diana 7.9


Raven Love, L-Kildare 7.6


Kayla Turner, Gladewater 7.5


Britney Colbert, Longview 7.0


Chesney Spears, E. Fields 6.9


Darby Graff, Hallsville 6.8


Shanice White, Henderson 6.7


Rachel Carson, White Oak 6.0


Kyunte McCauley, Gladewater 5.9


Leslie Blevins, Spring Hill 5.9


Kaci Jackson, Hallsville 5.8


Janeshyia Hawkins, Longview 5.7


Shandee Lynn, White Oak 5.6


Abbey Popelar, Spring Hill 5.5


Sara Smith, New Diana 5.5


Emily Strole, P. Pewitt 5.4


Kealey Womack, Spring Hill 5.3


Sarah Northey, E. Fields 5.0


Rachel Henderson, P. Pewitt 5.0





(Minimum 4 per game)


Player, team Avg.


Shakaree Duncan, Gladewater 14.0


Jessica Spelling, L-Kildare 13.7


Ashleigh Simmons, Hawkins 11.5


Tiara Davis, Longview 11.3


Mariah Coleman, Daingerfield 11.3


Xzache Mathis, Pine Tree 10.0


Kimmy Hendricks, New Diana 9.8


Lacy Liles, E. Fields 9.6


Sarah King, C. Heritage 9.3


Victoria McReynolds, Avinger 8.1


Shaleetha Jackson, Pine Tree 8.0


Shelby Phariss, Pine Tree 8.0


Neya Anderson, P. Pewitt 8.0


Kaitlan Sabella, Henderson 7.7


Maria Leaks, Daingerfield 7.7


Kelsey Southern, New Diana 7.4


Klasshey Williams, Longview 7.3


Allison Ward, C. Heritage 7.2


Ashley Barry, Hallsville 6.7


Chesney Spears, E. Fields 6.5


Katie Hjorth, New Diana 6.0


Kristin Koonce, White Oak 5.8


Ashley Klaus, Avinger 5.8


CeCe Jimmerson, Daingerfield 5.7


Morgan Wilson, White Oak 5.6


Whitney Surratt, L-Kildare 5.6


Leslie Blevins, Spring Hill 5.5


Darby Graff, Hallsville 5.3


Shannon Manley, Spring Hill 5.3


Raven Partin, Henderson 5.2


Tara Wait, White Oak 5.1


Rachel Henderson, P. Pewitt 5.0


Raven Love, L-Kildare 4.7


Ariel Carpenter, P. Pewitt 4.7


Emily Todd, Longview 4.6


Kaci Jackson, Hallsville 4.2


Lizzie Autrey, Spring Hill 4.2


Shelby Francis, New Diana 4.0





(Minimum 3 per game)


Player, team Avg.


Abby Mitchell, Pine Tree 6.0


CeCe Jimmerson, Daingerfield 4.5


Kayla Self, Spring Hill 4.2


Riki Parker, Gladewater 4.0


Raven Love, L-Kildare 3.4


Shavondra Collins, L-Kildare 3.3


Monica Perez, Hallsville 3.1


Bethany Boyd, Hawkins 3.1


Natasha Neal, Henderson 3.0


Morgan Wilson, White Oak 3.0





(Minimum 2 per game)


Player, team Avg.


Morgan Wilson, White Oak 5.1


Lacy Liles, E. Fields 4.7


Kaylee Prather, E. Fields 4.7


Maria Leaks, Daingerfield 4.5


Shavondra Collins, L-Kildare 4.1


Tiana Poole, Longview 3.6


Riki Parker, Gladewater 3.6


Leslie Jennings, P. Pewitt 3.4


CeCe Jimmerson, Daingerfield 3.3


Tiarra Davis, Henderson 2.9


Megan McGuire, Hallsville 2.7


Tiara Davis, Longview 2.6


Shaleetha Jackson, Pine Tree 2.6


Monica Perez, Hallsville 2.6


Ashleigh Simmons, Hawkins 2.6


Kayla Self, Spring Hill 2.5


Rachel Henderson, P. Pewitt 2.5


Nakeila Allen, Daingerfield 2.5


Abby Mitchell, Pine Tree 2.3


Shannon Manley, Spring Hill 2.3


Neya Anderson, P. Pewitt 2.3


Klasshey Williams, Longview 2.2


Darby Graff, Hallsville 2.2


Ashley Barry, Hallsville 2.1


Tara Wait, White Oak 2.1


Raven Love, L-Kildare 2.1


Xzache Mathis, Pine Tree 2.0


Bethany Boyd, Hawkins 2.0





(Minimum 1 per game)


Player, team Avg.


Ashleigh Simmons, Hawkins 2.8


Maria Leaks, Daingerfield 2.0


Tiara Davis, Longview 1.7


Mariah Coleman, Daingerfield 1.4


Allison Ward, C. Heritage 1.3


Neya Anderson, P. Pewitt 1.1


Destiny Stoker, Longview 1.0


Lacy Liles, E. Fields 1.0

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