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.Art Linklater film starring Jack Black to feature Carthage crime story

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Bernie" starring Jack Black and Shirley MacLain to be filmed in Carthage and Austion starting in October, to be release in 2012


East Texans can join Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine this coming fall when filming starts in this area and in Austin for a dark docu-comedy based on a bizarre murder in Carthage.


“Bernie,” directed and co-written by East Texas native Richard Linklater, follows the twisty but true relationship between wealthy dowager Marjorie Nugent.


Tiede was convicted in 1996 of fatally shooting 81-year-old Nugent, who had become his benefactress and had changed her will to his $10 million gain. The story drew rapt attention from beyond Panola County from its start when Nugent’s body was discovered in her own deep freeze unit.


Tiede, then 39, had been a small-town success story, training as a funeral home director while leading choirs at church and Panola College.


“For me, the story captures all the hilarity, friendliness and sometimes strangeness of small-town Texas life,” Linklater says in an announcement from Detour Film Production. The announcement names Austin and East Texas as prime filming sites and a casting call for extras.


For casting information, call (512) 472-5385 ext. 1.

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