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There must have been some serious issues within the Flyers organization to trade away their Captain, and an Alternate.

L.A. gaining Richards is not something I enjoy hearing, and I have also heard that if Smyth goes, The Kings will have room to give Brad a serious offer.

Also, Brad has refused to waive his no trade clause and become a free agent.

So he will go and the Stars will get nothing in return but cap space.

I hope Joe has an answer somewhere to all of this.

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1) Philadelphia is absolutely batcrap crazy. Over spending on Bryzgalov and getting rid of arguably their best two forwards? I'd be #### if I was a Flyers fan.


2) Columbus got owned on the trades they did at the draft, and Carter hasn't even yet to talk to the CBJ GM. He sounds thrilled to be going to Ohio.


3) Richards not waiving his NTC isn't shocking, but coupled with him not returning...this hurts even more knowing we won't get a single thing for him. It was worth the risk but arghs.


4) Dallas is going to have to spend 10 million just hit the cap floor.....we'll be in a good spot whenever we get a new owner and can spend more than the cap floor, but this season is going to be a major bust unless something amazing and miraculous happens.

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