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2A Division II Playoff Predictions

Pick Region III Champion   

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  1. 1. Pick 2A-II (Region III Winner)

    • Hughes Springs
    • Arp
    • Centerville
    • Deweyville
    • Elysian Fields
    • Garrison
    • Crawford
    • Corrigan-Camden
    • Winona
    • Paul Pewitt
    • Hearne
    • New Waverly

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Class 2A Division II Playoffs


Region I District Champs

W1- Sanford-Fritch (5-4)(4-0)

W2- Post (9-1)(5-05

W3- Alpine (9-1)(5-0)

W4- Cisco (10-1)(6-0)


Region I Round 1

R4- Colorado City

T3- Crane

Winner plays Sanford-Fritch


R2- Abernathy

T1- Spearman

Winner plays Alpine


R1- Canadian

T2- Tulia

Winner plays Cisco


R3- Sonora

T4- Ballinger

Winner plays Post


Region II District Champs

W5- Nocona (10-0)(5-0)

W6- Corsicana Mildred (9-1)(7-0)

W7- Gunter (9-1)(5-0)

W8- Clarksville (7-3)(6-0)


Region II Round 1

R8- Edgewood

T7- Tom Bean?

Winner plays Nocona


R6- Tolar

T5- Holliday

Winner plays Gunter


R7- Leonard

T8- Cooper

Winner plays Corsicana Mildred


R5- Jacksboro

T6- Blooming Grove

Winner plays Clarksville


Region III District Champs

W9- Hughes Springs (10-0)(7-0)

W10- Arp (8-2)(6-0)

W11- Centerville (10-0)(7-0)

W12- Deweyville (8-2)(4-1)


Region III Round 1

R12- New Waverly

T11- Hearne

Winner plays Hughes Springs


R10- Garrison

T9- Paul Pewitt

Winner plays Centerville


R11- Crawford

T12- Corrigan-Camden

Winner plays Arp


R9- Elysian Fields

T10- Winona

Winner plays Deweyville


Region IV District Champs

W13- East Bernard (10-0)(6-0)

W14- Lexington (8-2)(6-0)

W15- Karnes City (9-1)(7-0)

W16- Refugio (10-0)(7-0)


Region IV Round 1

R16- Banquete

T15- Dilley

Winner plays East Bernard


R14- Blanco

T13- Danbury

Winner plays Karnes City


R15- Poth

T16- Taft

Winner plays Lexington


R13- Hitchcock

T14- Rogers

Winner plays Refugio

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