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Mavchamp's family needs prayers

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This isn't Mavchamp, but a close friend. I know he spends a lot of time here. Please pray for his family. They had an unexpected emergency and are in dire need of prayers. I don't want to give any details on here without permission, but just know the Nolan family would appreciate any prayers sent their way.

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Just read your status on FB. Major thoughts being sent your way man. Let me know if there's anything ya need or if I can do anything for ya!

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Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. It's greatly appreciated.


The past 48 have been very trying on my family. But God is good.


My sister is in serious condition and is in ICU on life support at this time. She has a severe pneumonia which has caused her to have fluid build up on her lungs. The fluid has caused her to go into congestive heart failure, which is putting stress on her heart. That stress has caused her cardiac ejection fraction to be reduced to about 25%.


Now they are thinking the lung infection may have spread to her heart as well. But we don't know yet.


It's mind boggling as she was healthy just last week and had never been hospitalized before. She's young (30s) so that's in her favor.


But she's sick. And any and all prayers are coveted.


I'll try and keep everyone updated. I've been updating on Facebook for my family, which is massive and scattered from coast to coast.


Thanks again everyone.


God Bless

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