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District 15-5A - 2014 Football Discussion Thread

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Hallsville rarely more than half fills their home side. I've seen them play at home Vs. Marshall, Henderson, and Kilgore.... and they have never even come close to filling the home side much less having people on the visitor's side.


The only places that have mixed visitor's side are Longview, Marshall, and Texas High...... all original 12-5A schools..... go figure.


Hallsville's fans are different. We struggle to fill up home games but we travel very well in my opinion. Surprisingly enough the entire reserved center section (seat back chairs) on the home side completely sold out this year but struggle to get 75% of the capacity filled in those seats for games.


The game this week is Homecoming so hopefully there will be a bigger crowd. Overall it is a nice experience at Bobcat Stadium; plenty of parking and great facilities.


Greenville folks the visitor's side is on the East side of the stadium.


If you are coming in on HWY 80 I recommend that you go through town and hang a right (headed South) on Cypress Street (Post Office on the corner) and follow it through a dog-leg intersection to the stadium. This will allow you to miss the congestion of getting to the stadium on the popular HWY 450.


If you come down I-20 you might want to take the access road on the North side of I-20 and follow East (you will pass the youth baseball complex) as it will loop around and heads North (becoming Waldron Ferry Rd.) to the stadium. Again to miss the 450 traffic.


It all depends on how early you get there too. But leaving I would definitely try one of these routes.


Safe travels and Go Bobcats.

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Made it to Hallsville. I'm really liking the look of this place. Reminds me of our old Phillips Firld a bit. Looking forward to a great game. Or at least, a semi-competitive one.

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We're trying as hard as we can to shorten the game and keep the Hallsville O off the field. But Coach Sedberry is taking so long to get the plays in that it's having a detriment to our offense.

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After Week Nine -

1) Longview (6-2, 5-0)
2) Texas High (5-3, 4-1)
3) Sulphur Springs (5-3, 4-1)
4) Hallsville (5-3, 3-2)
5) Marshall (4-4, 2-3)
6) Greenville (3-5, 1-4)
7) Pine Tree (1-7, 1-4)
8) Mount Pleasant (0-8, 0-5)

Still remaining:
Greenville: Texas High, Pine Tree
Hallsville: Pine Tree, Longview
Longview: Sulphur Springs, Hallsville
Marshall: Mount Pleasant, Sulphur Springs
Mount Pleasant: Marshall, Texas High
Pine Tree: Hallsville, Greenville
Sulphur Springs: Longview, Marshall
Texas High: Greenville, Mount Pleasant

1) Longview (7-0, 4-0)
2) Hallsville (7-0, 4-0)
3) Mount Pleasant (4-3, 3-2)
4) Texas High (3-1-1, 2-1-1)
5) Greenville (2-2, 2-2)
6) Sulphur Springs (2-5-1, 1-3-1)
7) Pine Tree (2-6, 1-4)
8) Marshall (0-8, 0-5)

Junior varsity district scores:
09/25 - Longview 34, Pine Tree 0; Hallsville 9, Marshall 6; Mount Pleasant 20, Greenville 12; Texas High 22, Sulphur Springs 22
10/02 - Longview/Greenville cancelled; Hallsville/Texas High cancelled; Pine Tree 21, Marshall 14; Mount Pleasant 14, Sulphur Springs 7
10/09 - Longview 34, Marshall 6; Texas High 14, Pine Tree 0; Greenville 32, Sulphur Springs 17; Hallsville 15, Mount Pleasant 0
10/16 - Longview 49, Texas High 21; Greenville 26, Marshall 0; Mount Pleasant 18, Pine Tree 10; Hallsville 27, Sulphur Springs 6
10/23 - Longview 49, Mount Pleasant 14; Sulphur Springs 33, Pine Tree 7; Texas High beat Marshall (score?); Hallsville 21, Greenville 14;

1) Longview (7-1, 5-0)
2) Sulphur Springs (5-2-1, 4-1)
3) Texas High (4-1, 3-1)
4) Marshall (5-3, 3-2)
5) Hallsville (2-3, 2-2)
7) Mount Pleasant (2-4, 1-3)
6) Greenville (1-4, 1-4)
8) Pine Tree (0-6, 0-4)

Freshmen district scores:
09/25 - Longview 51, Pine Tree 7; Marshall 28, Hallsville 14, Greenville 30, Mount Pleasant 12; Texas High 10, Sulphur Springs 6
10/02 - Longview 26, Greenville 14; Hallsville/Texas High cancelled; Marshall 41, Pine Tree 0; Sulphur Springs 27, Mount Pleasant 6
10/09 - Longview 40, Marshall 7; Texas High 44, Pine Tree 0; Sulphur Springs 17, Greenville 7; Hallsville beat Mount Pleasant (score?)
10/16 - Longview 17, Texas High 8; Marshall 7, Greenville 6; Mount Pleasant 41, Pine Tree 12; Sulphur Springs 49 Hallsville 14
10/23 - Longview 41, Mount Pleasant 7; Sulphur Springs 49, Pine Tree 0; Texas High 36, Marshall 16; Hallsville beat Greenville (score?)


Longview and Texas High have clinched. Lobos can clinch the district championship next Friday at Gerald Prim. Hallsville can clinch a post season berth next Friday against Pine Tree.


Marshall's only hope is for Longview to beat Sulphur Springs then beat Sulphur Springs in the final game of the year.

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