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EXACT Soccer Academic 50 ID Camp

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The EXACT Soccer "Academic 50" ID Camp is now open for registration for 8th - 12th graders. This intensive 3-day event is being held in three national locations - Dallas, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

The Academic 50 ID Camp is the best college training camp in the country. The event is geared toward high-achieving student-athletes looking to play college soccer at a strong academic school. There will be 50 college coaches from the best college soccer programs in the country evaluating and coaching players on the field throughout the event.

These events have limited capacity. Players that are serious about playing soccer at the next level are invited to enroll online while roster spots are available.

Event details, confirmed college programs, and enrollment information are available on the event pages (listed below):

Dallas "Academic 50" ID Camp

Boys Event (July 28-30)


Girls Event (July 25 - 27)


Philadelphia "Academic 50" ID Camp

Boys Event (July 6th-8th)

----> http://exactsports.com/events/soccer/philadelphia-boys-academic-50-id-camp?utm_source=forum

Girls Event (July 20-22)


Chicago "Academic 50" ID Camps

Boys Event (July 31 - Aug 2)


Girls Event (July 17-19)


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