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White Oak vs. Sunnyvale

White Oak vs Sunnyvale  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

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PA for the 16 teams playing this week:


1 Brock 78

2 White Oak 106

3 Mineola 138

4 Wall 177

5 Teague 183

6 Yoe 200

7 Callisburg 204

8 Goliad 207

9 Grandview 248

10 Shallowater 253

11 Muleshoe 265

12 West 272

13 Mathis 276

14 Hitchcock 292

15 Sunnyvale 300

16 Rice 349


The Raiders gave up 186 points in the 1st 5 games and only 114 in the last 7. I'n not saying the Raiders are the best team in the state defensively. I'm just saying they have greatly improved and are a solid defensive team now.

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This works out great. Catch WO friday night and Mineola saturday afternoon. Cant beat it

White Oak takes this one by at least 2 tds

I have to work tomorrow but will get off in time to be at this game. Hope the weather isn't as bad as predicted. GO NECKS!!

Per the qutoe: "They haven't played anybody the last 5 or 6 games. Seriously, what is the combined win/loss record of those opponents?"


That's the same thing that Dangerfield said all last week, and look where they are, OFF SEASON. We love being the underdog, makes for a great week of practice.

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Sunnyvale 20 White Oak 17. Weather will hurt both teams in this one. Really has a very good chance of going either way.

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Sunnyvale wins this one, too much offense for White Oak, and our defense can definitely handle their offense, just ask Dangerfield, and team with great atheletes and team speed. Sunnyvale is well coached and a very disciplined team.[/quot


Whatever you are drinking give me a glass! It is gonna be a cloudy day for Sunnyvale!

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Picking Sunnyvale by 7 points.


A hunch. The Coach. The Weather Conditions. Preparation.

They are picked by 7 by the "Experts".

Sunnyvale 23 White Oak 16

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Cade Palmer has thrown 2 INt's this game coming in with only 5 this season. The offense is dropping passes and getting penalties constantly. They are punting very short punts also. offense will def have to pick it up and put some points on the board to get back in this game.

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