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Welcome back, Fogger! :)


As I post this @ 3:13 am on Tuesday, July 29, 2008, McClain ranks second among active players with 284 Minor League home runs ... only two round-trippers behind the leader.



HINT: The active leader in Minor League home runs is a member of Team USA -- competing next month in Beijing . . . :hmm:


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^ it's one of 'em ......... show some guts and PICK ONE, Joe !!! :whome:

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^ it's one of 'em ......... show some guts and PICK ONE, Joe !!! :whome:


Actually if I had to guess and I guess I am guessing at this point aren't I. I will guess and say Mike Hessman. At least I got it down to the final 2. Nobody else did. :happy65: :flowers: ...........And If Hessman is not right I will delete this post and put my answer on here as "Brad Eldred" and disallow any knowledge of the "Hessman answer".........as my first answer will self-destruct in less than 5 seconds.


Cheapy, you can even put up the next question.

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Hessman is the correct answer w/286 Minor League home runs .. a number that we be "on hold" until he returns from Beijing (look for McClain to pass him!)




Which one of these five movies does not include an acting performance by a former Major Leaguer ??? :

  • The Long Goodbye (1973)
  • Soylent Green (1973)
  • The Stunt Man (1980)
  • The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)
  • Kingpin (1996)




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WOW -- I did not think this would remain unanswered for so long! :w00t:


The answer is The Stunt Man


The Long Goodbye: Jim Bouton

Soylent Green: Chuck Connors

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!: Reggie Jackson

Kingpin: Roger Clemens





Name the only two MIT graduates to ever by drafted by Major League teams (who says Baseball isn't rocket science?) . . . :whome:






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^ Yep!


Alan Dopfel (3rd Round by Angels -- 1972 Draft)

Jason Szuminski (27th Round by Cubs -- 2000 Draft)



Name the last Seattle Pilots player to step in the batter's box ...


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Jerry McNertney, from Iowa State University, struck out for the last out in the 3-1 Pilots loss to the Oakland A's on October 2nd, 1969. A mass crowd of 5,473 were in attendance at one point that day or at least had bought tickets. :happy65:


NEXT QUIZ.....................What positions did Lou Gehrig play in college and what caused him to change his direction in sports ?

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ANSWER TO LOU GEHRIG QUESTION..........He played fullback for Columbia University. He also played baseball for a summer pro league which made him ineligible for the Columbia baseball team then.


Next Quiz...........How many times have two teammates collected 200 hundred hits apiece in a season while on the same team in MLB history ?

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I count sixty-one instances: :w00t:


1911 Tigers

Ty Cobb, 248

Sam Crawford, 217


1920 Browns

George Sisler, 257

Baby Doll Jacobson, 216

Jack Tobin, 202


1920 Cardinals

Rogers Hornsby, 218

Milt Stock, 204


1920 White Sox

Eddie Collins, 224

Joe Jackson, 218

Buck Weaver, 208


1921 Browns

Jack Tobin, 236

George Sisler, 216

Baby Doll Jacobson, 211


1921 Cardinals

Rogers Hornsby, 235

Austin McHenry, 201


1921 Tigers

Harry Heilmann, 237

Bobby Veach, 207


1922 Browns

George Sisler, 246

Jack Tobin, 207


1922 Giants

Dave Bancroft, 209

Irish Meusel, 204


1922 Tigers

Ty Cobb, 211

Bobby Veach, 202


1922 Pirates

Carson Bigbee, 215

Max Carey, 207


1923 Giants

Frankie Frisch, 223

Ross Youngs, 200


1923 Indians

Charlie Jamieson, 222

Tris Speaker, 218


1925 Athletics

Al Simmons, 253

Bill Lamar, 202


1925 Cardinals

Jim Bottomley, 227

Rogers Hornsby, 203


1925 Dodgers

Zach Wheat, 221

Milt Stock, 202


1925 Senators

Sam Rice, 227

Goose Goslin, 201


1926 Senators

Sam Rice, 216

Goose Goslin, 201


1927 Pirates

Paul Waner, 237

Lloyd Waner, 223


1927 Yankees

Earle Combs, 231

Lou Gehrig, 218


1928 Pirates

Paul Waner, 223

Lloyd Waner, 221


1929 Dodgers

Babe Herman, 217

Johnny Frederick, 206


1929 Pirates

Lloyd Waner, 234

Paul Waner, 200


1929 Phillies

Lefty O'Doul, 254

Chuck Klein, 219

Fresco Thompson, 202

Pinky Whitney, 200


1929 Tigers

Dale Alexander, 215

Charlie Gehringer, 215

Roy Johnson, 201


1930 Cubs

Kiki Cuyler, 228

Woody English, 214

Hack Wilson, 208


1930 Dodgers

Babe Herman, 241

Johnny Frederick, 206


1930 Giants

Bill Terry, 254

Fred Lindstrom, 231


1930 Indians

Johnny Hodapp, 225

Eddie Morgan, 204


1930 Phillies

Chuck Klein, 250

Pinky Whitney, 207

Lefty O'Doul, 202


1930 Senators

Sam Rice, 211

Joe Cronin, 203


1931 Cubs

Kiki Cuyler, 202

Woody English, 202


1932 Athletics

Al Simmons, 216

Jimmie Foxx, 213


1933 Phillies

Chuck Klein, 223

Chick Fullis, 200


1934 Tigers

Charlie Gehringer, 214

Hank Greenberg, 201


1935 Cubs

Billy Herman, 227

Augie Galan, 203


1935 Giants

Hank Leiber, 203

Bill Terry, 203

Joe Moore, 201


1935 Tigers

Hank Greenberg, 203

Charlie Gehringer, 201


1936 Cubs

Frank Demaree, 212

Billy Herman, 211


1936 Indians

Earl Averill, 232

Hal Trosky, 216


1936 White Sox

Rip Radcliff, 207

Luke Appling, 204


1936 Yankees

Joe DiMaggio, 206

Lou Gehrig, 205


1937 Cardinals

Joe Medwick, 237

Johnny Mize, 204


1937 Tigers

Gee Walker, 213

Charlie Gehringer, 209

Pete Fox, 208

Hank Greenberg, 200


1937 Yankees

Joe DiMaggio, 215

Lou Gehrig, 200


1962 Dodgers

Tommy Davis, 230

Maury Wills, 208


1963 Cardinals

Dick Groat, 201

Bill White, 200

Curt Flood, 200


1965 Reds

Pete Rose, 209

Vada Pinson, 204


1970 Cardinals

Joe Torre, 203

Lou Brock, 202


1971 Cardinals

Joe Torre, 230

Lou Brock, 200


1979 Cardinals

Garry Templeton, 211

Keith Hernandez, 210


1980 Rangers

Mickey Rivers, 210

Al Oliver, 209


1982 Brewers

Robin Yount, 210

Cecil Cooper, 205

Paul Molitor, 201


1985 Red Sox

Wade Boggs, 240

Bill Buckner, 201


1986 Red Sox

Wade Boggs, 207

Jim Rice, 200


1991 Rangers

Ruben Sierra, 203

Rafael Palmeiro, 203

Julio Franco, 201


1993 Blue Jays

Paul Molitor, 211

John Olerud, 200


1999 Yankees

Derek Jeter, 219

Bernie Williams, 202


2000 Royals

Johnny Damon, 214

Mike Sweeney, 206


2002 Yankees

Alfonso Soriano, 209

Bernie Williams, 204


2007 Tigers

Magglio Ordonez, 216

Placido Polanco, 200







Name the three pitchers in Major League History who homered in both leagues in the same season...

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The 3 pitchers were Jim Tobin, Earl Wilson and C. C. Sabathia.




Who was the last player to collect 5 hits in a LCS game before last night ?


It was Hideki Matsui who was the last man to have five knocks in an LCS game before Carl Crawford did it this year.


Post-1900, who is the only pitcher to win at least 20 games in his only major league season.

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Henry Schmidt who hailed from Brownsville, TX. He won 22 and lost 13 in 1903 for Brooklyn. His career mark was 22-13 with an 3.83 ERA. He died in Nashville in 1926.


NEXT QUIZ..........When the St. Louis Cardinals retired the owner August Busch's name to the wall in Busch Stadium what was the number they retired for him ?

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NEXT QUIZ..........When the St. Louis Cardinals retired the owner August Busch's name to the wall in Busch Stadium what was the number they retired for him ?



In 1984, the Cardinals retired the number 85 for August Busch. 85 was his age at the time. Busch died five years later at the age of 90.


He was a rookie at the age of 39, led his league in saves the next year and retired after the following season. Name him.

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Masumi Kawata. You can ask the next Quiz if this is correct. If this is incorrect I think the statute for a "waiting period for the answer" has passed and you might have stumped the SDC'ers. Point for you, but go ahead and ask another toughy. :thumbsup:

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Well then Fogger, it appears that no SDC members have the answer. For the sake of this topic, why don't you tell us the answer and let's move on. :thumbsup:

I agree. Tell us already!

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Robin Roberts gave 505 in his career and Bert Blyleven gave up 50 in the 1986 season for the single season mark.


NEXT QUIZ : How many numbers have been retired by the New York Yankees and which numbers are for which players/manager/executive ?

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