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'All lies!' Furious Coulter goes public on war with U.C. Berkeley

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Just heard on CBS that Berkeley had decided to let Ann speak at a rescheduled time. They did not mention the Trump threat to cut Govt funding. Another Lmbo.

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For those of you not cognizant with this ongoing, and imo, very important story, here's the events leading up to today. Dates I used are dates it was reported by the media. Ann was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley on 4/27.



4/19 Berkeley cancelled her engagement over safety concerns. This at a publicly funded University.

4/20 Berkeley rescheduled her to speak on 5/2, evidently without contacting Ms Coulter for her availability/approval (or perhaps they knew that date was a problem, and that's the reason they picked it).

4/20 Ann said she couldn't make the 5/2 date, and will speak on 4/27.




Ann has an opposing view to the prevalent political ideology at Berkeley. To my knowledge, she's never advocated violence, or breaking of the law. This form of opposition/oppression is reminiscent of the early Nazi Party actions of the Brown Shirts, or comparable to some actions of the KKK (hooded/masked attackers). If you think I'm wrong, please explain why. What is going on at Berkeley should be an abhorrent to all Americans.

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YAF posted on twitter the letter threatening legal action against UCB yesterday. Would have been a no brainer win for them. YAF and Ann Coulter are really putting the screws to them.

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In February when Milo Yiannopoulos was to speak, there were full scale riots, and the only arrest was a 19 yr old man who failed to follow dispersal orders. This, despite wide spread looting, damage, and assault upon innocent bystanders. One couple who were attacked tried to seek refuge in a building, but Police would not let them in. UC Berkeley Chief of Police, Margo Bennett, is clearly incompetent, but due to her gender, and sexual preference, there will never be any derogatory comments or action against her.



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