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Longview Pre-Season HS Eligible Tournament

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Looking like another great pre-season tournament at Lear Park... Many teams who went deep in the playoffs last year in Texas, and an out-of-state defending state champion!




6A (2)

11-6A  Tyler Lee

11-6A  Longview


5A (9)

6-5A    Northwest Eaton

9-5A    Cleburne

10-5A  Lancaster

15-5A  Lucas Lovejoy

15-5A  North Forney

16-5A  Hallsville

16-5A  Longview Pine Tree

17-5A  Lindale

17-5A  Whitehouse


4A (12)

13-4A   Emory Rains

13-4A  Canton

13-4A  Van

14-4A  Pittsburg

15-4A  Kilgore

15-4A  Longview Spring Hill

15-4A  Bullard

16-4A   Henderson

16-4A  Rusk

16-4A  Carthage

18-4A  Palestine

21-4A  Diboll


3A (5)

13-3A  Pattonville Prairiland

13-3A  Mount Vernon

15-3A  New London West Rusk

17-3A  Grandview

18-3A  Elkhart


2A (1)

23-2A  Pineland West Sabine


JV (9)

Eaton JV

Grandview JV

Kilgore JV

Longview JV

Lucas Lovejoy JV

North Forney JV

Pattonville Prairiland JV

Rusk JV

Van JV



Southwood, LA

DeQueen, AR

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2018 Graduates who Early Signed & Scheduled to play in Pre-Season Tournament:



Lindale - Lorin Reue (JC, Navarro)

Lucas Lovejoy - Alyssa DiFiore (DI, Nebraska-Omaha)

North Forney - Andrea Decareau (JC, Kilgore)

North Forney - Brooke Taylor (D2, Ouachita Baptist) 



Van - Bailey Daniels (D1, Texas Southern)

Van - Morgan Benge (D3, UMHB)

Carthage - Chelcie Pierce (D3, UT-Tyler)

Carthage - Hope Kruebbe (JC, Chipola)

Spring Hill - Sydney Johnson (D2, TWU)



Grandview - Alexis Galvan (D3, UMHB)

Grandview - Allie Prewitt (D2, Arkansas Tech)

Grandview - Brooke Prewitt (D2, Arkansas Tech)

Grandview - Brooke Blackwell (D1, Texas Tech)



If you know of any other signees playing in this tournament, please reply!




Technically, NAIA & NCAA Division 3 do not sign NCAA recognized National Letters of Intent.  Since 2015, NCAA D3 has had Celebratory Signing Forms that are NON-BINDING.

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No, it is supposed to be a tournament for the high school teams only. It is not supposed to be "select" or "pick-up" teams. The whole point of the tournament was to give a place for the HS teams to play together and prepare for the upcoming season.


Some other HS Eligible Pre-Season tournaments that also use this format are: Round Rock, San Angelo, and Houston. 

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I have had multiple individuals direct message me about this tournament so I thought I should go ahead and post this here. I am NOT in charge of the tournament; simply a big fan of the experience these young ladies are able to gain and supportive of the way it is run!


Jim Campbell, a member of the Longview Girls Softball Association, coordinates the tournament each year. Jim and his crew do a tremendous job hosting this event. The umpires are typically very solid, and the facility crews have worked hard preparing the fields even in the sleet that has occurred two of the last four years.


The tournament is limited to the first 40 teams that sign up. I believe it was full as early as August this year because of how successful the tournament has been for teams in the past. This is the 8th annual event!


To my knowledge, the tournament is FULL, and there are a number of teams on a Waiting List in case anyone drops out. (Three teams did drop out last year within the last week before the tournament.) If you are interested in participating or at least finding out more information about this event, please contact the LGSA. http://www.longviewtxgirlsoftball.com/

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On 11/12/2017 at 10:25 AM, HomeRunKing said:


Van - Bailey Daniels (D1, Texas Southern)

Van - Morgan Benge (D3, UMHB)

Carthage - Chelcie Pierce (D3, UT-Tyler)

Carthage - Hope Kruebbe (JC, Chipola)

Spring Hill - Sydney Johnson (D2, TWU)

Chelcie Pierce was a 2017 graduate

The other 2018 commit from Carthage is Carson Robertson (D3, UT-Tyler)

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                                                              8th Warm Up Saturday Pool Game Schedule  
                                             January 10, 2018 Revision 10     
Time Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
8:00 Pine Tree vs Kilgore  Longview  vs Lindale     Bullard vs Whitehouse Hallsville  vs  Carthage
9:10 Palestine vs Kilgore    Longview vs Hallsville     Van vs Henderson Bullard  vs Carthage
10:20 Pine Tree vs Van   Diboll vs Whitehouse     Tyler Lee vs Henderson Lindale vs Grandview
11:30 Diboll vs Lovejoy   Mt Pleasant vs Rusk Tyler Lee vs Eaton  N Forney vs DeQueen  
12:40  Rusk vs Lovejoy Mt Pleasant vs Palestine Grandview vs DeQueen    N Forney vs Eaton  
Time Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 Field 8
8:00 Lovejoy 2 vs West Rusk    Van 2 vs Longview 2 No Game Canton vs Spring Hill 
9:10  Lovejoy 2 vs Van 2    Canton vs West Rusk Longview 2 vs Rusk 2 No Game
10:20 Spring Hill vs Elkhart  West Sabine vs Southwood Kilgore 2 vs Eaton 2       Prairiland vs Rusk 2   
11:30   West Sabine vs Elkhart   Cleburne vs Lancaster  Kilgore 2 vs White Oak Joaquin vs Eaton 2
12:40 No Game   Cleburne vs Southwood  Joaquin vs White Oak   Prairiland vs Lancaster



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We have a new high school coach this year. Who is the contact person for this tournament? I know they like to run it through the high school coach so he is aware of their school playing in it. Even though they can’t coach in it. 

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On 10/10/2018 at 12:28 PM, HomeRunKing said:

This is last year's tournament. The tournament for this year is already full with a Wait List in effect.

Thanks, we were able to get Lovelady signed up for this year. When will a list of this years teams come out?

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