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4AD-I Title Game: Kennedale vs Carthage

Kennedale vs Carthage  

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  1. 1. Who Ya Got?

    • (14-1) Kennedale Wildcats
    • (15-0) Carthage Bulldogs

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Or, You could make Everyone else happy  & go pour yourself a big cold glass of Shut Th' Hell Up!...🍺🤐

Obviously, you don’t know him. I know the King of Carthage. I worked with the King of Carthage. And, you, sir, are no King of Carthage. 

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34 minutes ago, KildogDad said:

Wonder if Kennedale has ever been behind this much this year?

Kennedale has only really had trouble with WOS.  Our district was trash.

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9 minutes ago, Aggie98 said:

If #5 had speed, he would have 30 D-1 offers.

Really?  He looks fast this game.  Maybe he has some of that amped up game day speed lol

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1 minute ago, sfacujackcat said:

As I said, Surratt won't show any mercy. Never does. He's going to score however many and however way he can, even if it's a bomb with the game already wrapped up. 

You sound utterly ignorant... You have zero idea how many times he's put in 2nd/3rd string, and even kids that played JV previously in the year, and early 3rd quarter most times... 

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2 minutes ago, sfacujackcat said:

He's one of the top 10 coaches in the state. I do agree there. Curious how much longer he'll stay though. They were talking about that earlier in the telecast I believe.

He’s not interested in leaving. His son is in 4th grade at CISD. He’ll coach him as a Bulldog.

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No contest.  Would like to have seen Carthage play a team with equal speed.  Kennedale looks pedestrian against Carthage.  Carthage doing whatever they want.  Not trying to take anything away from Kennedale because they did what they had to do to make it to the championship game.

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This game is pretty anticlimactic.  I certainly expected Carthage to win handily, but I didn't think it would be this bad.  This game just shows that even if the talent level is "equal", you are at a huge disadvantage running an offense that does not have balance.  You can get away with it ONLY if you have a defense that is SHUTDOWN, and that doesn't happen often at all.

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