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2018 Kings Classic

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Thursday's scores


  • Athens 7, Pittsburg 0
  • Sulphur Springs 0, Canyon Randall 0
  • Paris 0, Chapel Hill 0


  • Pittsburg 0, Kemp 0
  • Kennedale 4, North Lamar 1
  • Paris 1, Pleasant Grove 0

Call it soccer if you want.  I'd call it sheer survival.

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Saturday's Final Girls Group Play Scores:

  • Sulphur Springs 0, Athens 0
  • Paris 2, Canyon Randall 0
  • Chapel Hill 12, Pittsburg 1 (historic first goal by the new Pitt girls program)

Paris will play Athens at 4 pm in the girls championship match.  There will be no 3rd-place match.

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