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Remington in trouble

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9 hours ago, Greezychef said:

Seeking financial help to fund bankruptcy.   Sad news.  1 billion in debt.

Gun sales overall are really down the past year mostly due to Trump beating the Hilldabeast and "fear" of the Hilldabeast and the Dims passing new gun restriction laws are no longer eminent .... I bought some Smith and Wesson stock prior to the election as a hedge against the Hilldabeast beating Trump and setting off a surge in stock prices like when Obama was elected.  I made a killing on gun stocks back then.  After Trump won the election, I lost about 16K before I sold it.  Instead of making enough to buy me a new truck, I lost my #### ... their stock isn't even listed as Smith and Wesson anymore, they were swallowed up by their parent company American Outdoor Brands Corp.  It's probably the worst I have ever done on a single stock ... 

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I could buy a shotgun, or a stock share, if that would help out

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