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Oklahoma fishermen catch 'behemoth' alligator snapping turtle

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When I was about 12 we were seining for sun perch in the creek behind my Dad's place to use for bait on our throw lines on the river.  We were seining in a "big hole" in a curve of the creek and we got one caught in our sein that was about the same size as this one.  He tore our sein all to pieces and it took three of us to get him in the back of the pickup.  I remember my brother poking at him with a broom handle and he snapped it in half like a twig.  My brother cut his head off with an ax and we cleaned out his shell and varnished it.  It weighed over 90lb on the scales.  My Dad kept the shell for years, I think my brother may still have it.  This was back in the mid 60s ....

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