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On 11/21/2018 at 11:04 AM, WestHardinfan1 said:

I believe Evadale can win this week, but next week may be iffy......lol

It’ll be iffy if Muenster wins.  I think Lovelady vs Evadale is a sure thing lol.

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This is the early season sunshine pumping I'm used to seeing from Grapeland over the last 10+ years.

#1 Grapeland  #2 Lovelady  #3 Evadale  #4 West Hardin Grapeland oline and dlines are huge. Alot of depth for the big boys also.. Something we haven't had in a long time. A couple o

He has to post that one. It’s the only one his Motorola flip phone has.   

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1 hour ago, Lion1996 said:

WH would’ve won district 10 I think 

You may be right.

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9 hours ago, WestHardinfan1 said:

Same here....hope we both go 0 - 2 this week......lol

Like I said earlier, Evadale May have an outside chance (very outside lol) against Muenster, but since LL has already beat them 40-6, that loss would be a sure thing.  That QB at Muenster has some speed.  Rebs better be in serious containment mode.  It’ll be a morale victory if Muenster still needs their starters in halfway thru the 3rd Qtr.  But team matchups, and a bunch of Muenster T/O’s, might make a game of it for a while.  I hope so.

Good luck to Grapeland and Evadale.

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Grapeland vs. Mart will come down to discipline. Grapeland has the athletes to play with Mart, but it is their discipline that sets Mart apart from other athletic teams. Muenster on the other hand does not have the athletes to hang with Mart, but they have an unrivaled discipline that is the equalizer. 

I feel like if Grapeland can protect the ball and jump on Mart early, they have a chance to get the upset. Obviously easier said than done, but I do feel like Grapeland has the ability to beat Mart. If they let Mart play their game, it may not end well for the Sandies. Grapeland will have to take Mart out of their comfort zone and force the Panthers to play from behind...


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On November 27, 2018 at 6:36 PM, WestHardinfan1 said:

Harris has Mart by 18, and Muenster by 34......

34?  To kind - that is unless Muenster has no run defense.  

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