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Hello H.S. Football Season...for our members, please read and thank you in advance...

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No, this won't take you long to read. Okay, I'm lying, it's lengthy but I hope will help you, help the site and others who love Texas H.S. Football.

First of all, thank you for your membership and commitment to Smoaky.com. I appreciate your passion, love, energy and craziness for Texas high school football, it's mind-boggling how much activity we're about to read and witness and watch and learn over the next 4-months.

Secondly, a refresher course on what I will try and provide to you each week, BUT----I really could use your help too.

High School Standings, Scores, Schedules: (District by District), this is a service provided to me that will include each district I consider to be in our greater-East and greater-Central Texas area...plus some other schools. Each week the standings will be updated, scores posted and next week's schedule available.


High School Football ScoreStream: This is a widget provided to Smoaky.com that will have updated scores throughout each week, Thursday through the weekend and constantly updated. There will be some updates that aren't correct, don't worry, they'll usually catch them quickly.

(Located Top Middle) of Smoaky.com Homepage: http://www.smoaky.com/

East and Central Texas H.S. Football Pick 'Em, normally twenty (20) games in each region that we'll post for you to predict. It's pretty simple, you'll need to use your name so if you win we'll have something for you in return, gift certificate from a restaurant. Unfortunately, this week, we had an issue getting the twenty games up, still working on it, but it will be loaded for next week.

They'll be in left-hand column under EAST TEXAS PICKS and CENTRAL TEXAS PICKS.

East and Central Texas H.S. Players of the Week: (PLEASE READ), this is something where I contact every head coach and some coordinators for every program we cover. I send an email 2-3 times each weekend and I look through some box scores of game summaries. BUT, it never hurts for you to post Player of the Week information and stats with name of player, team, opponent, score, stats, so I will have a cross-check. I cannot tell you how much your feedback on these weekly stats will help us get everyone nominated. I'll gather the nominations, put up a poll in this section, pinned at the top, and give you the chance to vote for the "Players of the Week" on offense, defense and special teams. I'm proud we recognize all three phases of the game, because they'll all very important.

IF you have a human-interest story about a coach, player, program, fan, community...something that's heart-warming, something that is overcoming adversity or something that's just a damn good story. PLEASE, email me the information, as much as you can let me know about. I will try and track it down through the specific football coach. My email is listed below.

Thank you again.

David Smoak
Director of Sports Programming & Sales, ESPN-Central Texas
[email protected]




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Glad this season is starting off normal with no hurricanes to bother us. Good luck to everyone, especially my Port Arthur Memorial Titans! 

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