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Red River Shootout

Red River Shootout   

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  1. 1. Who wins?

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3 minutes ago, DTrump said:

😂 Didn't mean to put that emoji up. 

It was meant for the comment about the complaining about the officials every year.

Haha I got you! 

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👀👀👀👀😂 Dang that Stoney’s good.

A very large bumper sticker dating back to when I was at UT.  I picked it up my freshman year ('84).  It is now outside my office door at work for the week.

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Mike Stoops was put on this Earth to make my life miserable.

The only guy in the stadium that thought his “max” coverage 3 man rush on 3rd and 20 was going to be surprising was him. 

Per usual the opposing team got 19 yards on the 3rd down play.

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Just now, TxFight said:

Big pickup on 4th down and then a nice play design for the TD on the next play. 


If Texas can get another stop right here...oh boy!

That’s the Mike Stoops Special.

From 3rd and 20 to a TD three plays later.

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21 minutes ago, Stoney said:

That Lamb kid for OU......anybody else think he’ll look good with a star on his helmet?

Hhhhmmm 🤔...🤠🤩

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Dude... I kid about Texas being back. They're dominating right now. 

I don't know if OU's defense is THAT bad, or Texas is good on offense (or a little of both). They give no effort on defense at all. So many times they've been 1 on 1 at the line of scrimmage and tehy don't even try to make a tackle. 

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Just now, cotton84 said:

Game is far from over. But I think Herman got my message that Ehlinger has to run the ball on designed plays way more than in the past. 

Could you get a message to Lincoln Riley for me? 

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