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Having problems with Private Messages?

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1 minute ago, Hlion said:

I ain't as stupid as I type 

Well there ya go, a red-letter day for you Lion, you just got a trophy and a bona-fide LOL from me. Well done. 

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  • LOL changed the title to Having problems with Private Messages?
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There is nothing I can do about this.  I've tried and tried to fix it.  I've talked to Smoak and ComputerBear about the problem and they haven't come up with a solution yet.  Send an email to Smoaky...  there are at least 7-10 users that I know about with this issue.

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17 minutes ago, centex1 said:

I have like 2 messages in my inbox I guess I am asking for an admin to help me with this. When I try to check them nothing happens. What can be done?

this has been an issue for almost a year now.  I can't really tell you what to do to fix it... ive literally tried everything on my end


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Same here for over a year.  I can read some of the messages that are sent to my email but when I reply to the email it is sent to David Smoak.

One admin said to clear out my inbox.  It won't let me do that either.

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Need advice from an IT knowledgeable person, which I know VERY LITTLE about.  I can post memes from my phone, but not from my IPad.  
Is there something I can do in settings on my Ipad so they’ll post too, and not tell me to see an administrator?

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