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Week 7: Mount Pleasant Vs. Marshall: PINK OUT

Mt. Pleasant Vs. Marshall  

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  1. 1. Who you got?

    • Mount Pleasant in a close one
    • Marshall in a close one
    • Mount Pleasant in a blowout
    • Marshall in a blowout

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MP enters the game (2-3, 0-2) while Marshall is (2-3, 2-0).

I'll get all the historical and statistical info posted later today.  Just wanted to get the thread started.

Big game for both.  Marshall wanting to keep up with WH and PT for the district lead.  MP needs a win to stay in the playoff conversation.

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Marshall did a great job using the Hallsville game to work on some passing for Savion. He was able to use the running attack and some play action to set up nice open routes and he was accurate. Unfortunately the stats wont show it due to numerous drops. I think the defense will continue to improve and afford the offense the same opportunity against MP. I would really like to see the kicking game step it up big time. I see it being something like 40-14.

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I hope Marshall is prepared for big running backs. MP has one bigger than Lindales and yes his fast. They also have a second one over 200 lb. Marshall is going to have to stop these guys to have success. This MP team can not be taken lightly. Marshall can not go into this one committing all types of penalties helping MP out. Taking Mavs by a little.


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Amazing how some strong offensive play makes the defense better.

In the Lee, Longview, and Carthage games.... the poor play of the offense just continually put the defense in terrible situations....

quick three and out
giving up a short field

Those three things constantly put the defense on it's heels.

And TBH..... that Lee game was VERY winnable.  We are 1-2 plays from being (3-2) right now instead of (2-3).  Longview and Carthage just completely dominated us in every phase of the game while we were scrambling for a quarterback and an offensive identity.

Looks like we're finding it.

Hard to complain.... we've scored 49 and 47 points in our first two district games.

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2 minutes ago, Gramps said:

This MP team can not be taken lightly. 

I agree..... I've said this several times.  We aren't good enough right now to overlook anyone. 

MP ALWAYS has athletes.  Depth has been their issue for YEARS.

Can't recall how many times in the last 3-4 years when MP has played teams close at halftime only to see it morph into a blowout by the end of the game.

The Tigers usually have multiple players playing both ways.  That's generally a problem in 5A football.

They get exhausted... and then the opposition starts running all over them in the 2nd half.

If MP can ever get some depth on their team.... they will be contenders.  But the lack of depth is their achilles heel IMHO.

Marshall needs to come out.... grind out some long drives..... wear them out early.  Toss in some long passes to keep them loose on defense.

Build a moderate lead by halftime... and then pull away in the 2nd half.

That's what I predict.  

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Probably going to be some scoreboard watching at this game.

The Nac/WH game in particular. 

A WH win over Nac will likely keep Marshall and WH (and PT if they take care of Jax) in a three way tie for first place.

A Nac win over WH puts Marshall and PT in a tie for first....but makes the Marshall/Nac game in 2 weeks a lot juicer.  

Can't overlook Jax Vs. PT.  I honestly think PT wins big.  BUT.... PT has lost some inexplicable games.  Can't chalk up it as as win.

Same with Lindale and Hallsville.  I think Lindale wins easy...but... you never know.

Mavs looking to get back to .500 this week.  So it's a big one.  But I think a lot of eyes will be watching the score apps this week.



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Offensive Stats
QB S Williams is 11-24 for 283 yds for 2 TDs and 0 INTs.   304 yds rushing with 6 TDs.  121 receiving & 2 TD's.
RB Joe Jordan has 295 yards on 35 carries (8.7 yd avg) with 2 TD's
RB Dom WIlliams has 294 yards on on 42 carries and 1 TD
WR Demarcus Williams 6 catches for 199 yards and 1 score
WR Lyric Rawls 6 catches for 162 and 2 scores
WR A. Brooks has 6 catches for 98 yards
Team has rushed for 1,015 yards.
Team has passed for 640 yards

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16 minutes ago, got2score said:

Curious about how many are on varsity for MP,  I saw a picture with only 30 players listed.

That is about right at the beginning of the season. Couple games back I thought I counted 27 suited up.

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Interesting stat....

Marshall is (23-4) in October since 2013..... the year the current playoff streak started.  Pretty interesting stat considering October is a "playoff push month".

(33-8) in district since 2013.
(30-5) in district since 2014. 
(26-2) in district since 2015. 
(20-1) in district since 2016.
(15-0) in district since 2017.

Friday can be their 21st consecutive district win.

Conversely......I'd like to see our September record over the same time period.  I'd venture to say it's a house of horrors.

The majority of our non-district schedule the last 20 years has consisted of Longview, Monroe Neville, Ouachita, Carthage, Byrd, Parkway..... has not been pretty.  I'll see about finding that stat.

But it's good to win in October... that's how you get to play NOVEMBER ball.

Going to be cold tomorrow night.

Hoping for a good crisp game from the Mavs.  Continued improvement.  Less mistakes.

I think a lot of people were ready to throw in the towel on this team 2-3 weeks in to the season.

Time to prove them wrong.

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(9-16) in September since 2013.


Five of those nine  Losses were to Longview.

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The freshman A team won 18-0.  Not sure the B team had a game. MP doesn’t have a B team. 

Still waiting on the JV score. 

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MP WRs are open.  But got the dropsies. 
Our coverage is.... loose.... 

If they start connecting the defense might have to get a little tighter on the coverage. 

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