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3A Div. II District 11  

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I'll try to, but no promises. 😉 I've known alot of DeKalb women in my past. Worked with em at my old job. They were very nice and I got along with them just fine. They were some "healthy" girls t

What your pic failed to demonstrate is that the bear is really screaming in agony because he got his nuts caught in a bear trap just like what’s gonna happen to you guys on Friday night. 😉

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🤔 Hhhmmm...imma have to think about this for a while before I vote. 

Nah...I'm going with the Eagles of course...duh! 

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ND wins by 1/2  a point.

The bears run up and down the field all.game. They score when they want to with the run. :06 seconds befor the half, ND throws a pass that is bobbled in the defenders hands an caught by the receiver. He races 86 yards to be caught at the 1/2 yard line and tackled as time expires

 Late in the 4th, Nd catches a pass and thinks they go the distance for a a score to win baut ante again talckeld at the 1/2 yard line. But hold the horses

 There is a penalty for holding. Now there is an untimed down. Nd throws a Td for the win. ND WIN. ND WINS.

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1 hour ago, GRINnBEARit said:

@Crawford plz

Poll is up

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My vote is based on each team against Pewitt.

Bears by 4

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Bears are going to come out with a vengeance in this game after the heartbreaker against Pewitt. Was one of the best games I’ve seen in awhile.. this game, however, will not be as close. Bears are going to roll.

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