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⚾️ The OFFICIAL 2020 Houston Astros Offseason Thread ⚾️

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I would fire both of them for cheating and being complete idiots, they have tainted the 2017 WS and the thing about it they didn’t need to cheat they had a great team 

My problem with this whole this is the players are skating by.   MLB admitted while Hinch knew about it he actively tried to stop it, but didn't report it to MLB so he's banned. The players were the d

Speak for yourself.......I don't CARE how they did it, as long as they got it done......the Texans should take notes........

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1 hour ago, THSfanatic said:

I posted 3 months ago MLB would protect the Yankees and Boston.  I'm sure the evidence has been destroyed........but it was obvious from the start.


MLB is a joke right now. They drug Houston through the mud and made an example of them for something that several other ballclubs were doing...

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