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On 11/22/2019 at 12:02 PM, Hawks2021 said:

I've watched quite a bit film of Salado.  Their offense looks strong with the Slot T but I also think it relies on not allowing the defense to penetrate.  

I believe that PG's DL will get plenty of penetration and disrupt the running game of Salado.  Also - I have yet to see Salado hurt anyone through the air.  

Finally - while their defense flies around a bit, I don't think that they have the athletic ability to stop the PG running game and passing game.  

PG wins 49-14

Radio broadcast for PG

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Playing at the star is like a home game for PG. PG rolls in this round.  

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Salado comes to the line & quick snaps. Only giving PG a problem on 3rd down for some reason. Lots of long yardage conversions for the Eagles. 
they will start with the ball in the second half. 

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Final score ??

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