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Mustangs move on

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Silsbee is now called the three headed monster  and I haft to agree looking at them  they have speed in the likes of the kid  next Arline called the wiggler  and the leader of the pack Taylor who is there work horse and mr speed martin. Taylor has said no one can stop them by the looks of it he is right there head coach has a plan that's working to keep there three fresh.

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Sequence of Events:

4th Qtr 9+ Min Remaining. WOS 28 - 17

Silsbee Fake Punt Pass Converted

Silsbee 48 Yd Field Goal. 28 - 20

WOS Punt

Silsbee Touchdown 28 - 26

Silsbee Two Point Conversion 28 - 28

WOS Punt Blocked

Silsbee Ball on 50

Silsbee Touchdown 35 - 28

WOS 1st Down inside Silsbee 20 w/ 45 sec

Silsbee Holds

18 Points in 4th Qtr


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Unreal comeback by Silsbee. 


Want any further information cmon over to Setxsports. 

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