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Best bet to win state?


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That’s all we need to know. Thank you for you valuable input. 

You do realize PG is the favorite we get it you don't like them but make it less obvious

On 12/7/2019 at 2:31 PM, Champ1000 said:

Lol yes but central texas has a following here, Doesn't David Smoak live in Waco area?   Also  they're most likely playing a East Tx team , No?

Yes he lives in the waco area

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16 minutes ago, lionpride08 said:

Lol only because the centex teams slap tatum around

Teams? Y’all (one team) beat Tatum once. Lol

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6 hours ago, lionpride08 said:

Wasnt talkin about us i was talkin about centex period.... Was is yall record against us?

Hmm 0-1

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43 minutes ago, chukslegacy said:

Silsbee in 4A DII

They’ll probably get smacked by Pleasant Grove. I would like to see Silsbee win state though. 

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9 minutes ago, chukslegacy said:

No not at all. I will let you witness it with your own two eyes.

I watched the Silsbee game with y’all with my own eyes. Wasn’t overly impressed with either. 

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Out of the 4 teams on the list, PG has the best chance at a title.  I don't think anybody is close to them in 4A-D2.  Carthage has a good chance, but La Vega still looms out there, and I think those two will play for the title.  San Augustine looks the part, but I don't know how the other regions stack up.  The same goes for PP.

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12 hours ago, CreateMyAccount said:

After seeing Spring Hill play PG, and Spring Hill play Silsbee, I would have to say that PG would easily beat Silsbee.

I don't recall Silsbee playing Spring Hill, maybe Smithville and they won 52 to 13  don't see your point,

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